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[1: 1,493 of 10,000] Fancy Expensive Things?

In Article on June 10, 2015 at 12:16 PM


I saw the above photo from Instagram yesterday and it got me pondering how much do we want to have the nicest brands in the world. I absolutely have nothing against great brands, most especially the expensive ones, the place where it gets tricky is what is the level of adoration, acquisition, and intention –

  1. I love it and I can afford it so I might as well get myself these things. This is the best feeling and circumstance. If you appreciate the brand, which most of the times, they are truly impeccably made and so it turns out to be sturdier, it lasts. Another component is you can afford it so it will not put you in financial dilemma to enjoy a thing.
  2. Do I need it? If you answer YES in a heartbeat then reassess if it’s just a craving that won’t be practical in the long run but if you thoughtfully know what are you using it for then it’s definitely worth buying.
  3. What is your intention to buy such an expensive brand? If it is to elevate the ego’s status or to represent something that is isn’t, there is a questionable reason. I am not stirring a moral issue, it’s just that it doesn’t feel right that you are buying a nice watch for instance so people around you would see you as better than them and must be envied, could keep up with the Joneses, and then you walk with arrogance. If these are the answers to an intention, the source of confidence is coming from the wrong mindset. Sample of a good intention is you got to get it because you are inspired with the craftsmanship that would allow you to create a similar value and quality in your own arena.
  4. Just keep dreaming. Put the intention out there and the universe will give it to me. Becoming rich is never the right goal, but becoming fulfilled and serving masses that allows you to have the freedom to purchase anything you want, now that’s rich. And then, buying expensive things becomes a reward that you’ve arrived and achieved abundance that you go in a store, you choose what serves your need and satisfies your taste, and have it wrapped up without the fuzz on the price.
  5. If you can’t afford, don’t commit anything wrong to get it. Trapped to charge to your credit card that gets you no where but unnecessary debts, or tempted to steal just to have it. It is not worth committing a crime to own the expensive things.

NOW, to end it, it’s a THING. A thing must serve a purpose but it should never be a means for identification of one self. You are already precious, you with your core that is made out of love, is magnificent, and no bling with all the wrong reasons could magnify that awesomeness that you already are.