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[1: 1,694 of 10,000] I Am Mourning #Derek

In Question, Review on March 5, 2016 at 11:58 AM

DerekI heard the news that Dr. Derek Shepherd (played by Patrick Dempsey in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy) died in the series because personally he needed to be with his family and he’s leaving the show.

I just watched the episode that he died yesterday. I know I am a season behind but who cares, I still shed tears everytime I watch Grey’s Anatomy, no wait, I laugh, cringe, and then cry, all in different orders throughtout the show. It’s life full of drama and my emotions identifying to different scenes.

The editing was not something I particularly adore, but the character they’ve portrayed about Derek, a husband who sees his wife as a ‘breath of fresh air’ is quite ideal, almost unreal for real life. And Meredith Grey (the wife played by Ellen Pompeo and the real hero of the show) demonstrated a strong woman who tried to see the brighter side, not summoning to blaming the crappy doctors, grieved, and yet hoped until the very end that his husband wakes up.

Any story that kills a character is heart breaking. Is it because I remember all my losts? Do I remember the death of my mom that if she was attended by better doctors that I could afford she could have survived the cancer? Can we really delay death? Do we need to stop death?

It’s a fact that we all going to die, and while we live, we have to make the most of it. It’s not about living the perfect life, but enjoying the journey, learn from our defeats and build wonderful relationships.

[1: 1,589 of 10,000] Can It Be Forever?

In Article on September 14, 2015 at 10:35 PM

Mc Dreamy

There are very few things that could exist forever and gratefully they are the essential ones. I know in my heart that what would last forever is God’s love for us and our indefinite connection with Him forevermore. The rest… it just don’t last.

I have not seen the Grey’s Anatomy’s episode when McDreamy died but from what I’ve heard, it is one of those things that fans have gotten used to that he has to be part of it forever and then it changes because the actor has decided from his real life that he needed to spend more time with his real family.

We do need to choose what’s important, what do we value, and accept that change happen. It might be possible that am not going to be a Coke light drinker forever. I might need to stop being an employee and venture into entrepreneurship and work like 24 hours and 7 days a week. I might need to lower my walls and let someone into my life and trust that making love with someone will still keep me safe. And despite all the reputation that I will ever build on Earth, I will leave them with the hope that I made the world a better place than when I left it.

Can it be forever? I am contended that I am enjoying life, I am not scared to dare what I’ve never experience, and that through it all “God and I have a special bond that lasts a lifetime.”

[1: 1,181 of 10,000] I Am Still Watching Grey’s Anatomy

In Article on October 20, 2013 at 6:20 AM

I am still watching Grey’s Anatomy. I am still not over it. I still cry almost every episode (I got a softy heart). What triggers me to talk about this today is a question in a Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page that asked: Which doctor would you want to treat you if you ended up at the Seattle Grace Hospital?

Grey's Anatomy Season 10
It is actually a good question because I want to say can I have almost all of them? I know they are a specialist on their own but if I do pick, here is the order:

  1. Dr. Derek Shepherd – I am most likely to have a brain problem anyway with all the over thinking.
  2. Dr. Meredith Grey – She is smart and caring. I love her character who puts her heart into all her patients almost always suicidal or selfless?
  3. Dr. Cristina Yang – I have a serious heart problem right now. Falling in love with a wrong man so Yang is a bad ass doctor who may try to fix my heart although on the other hand, in reality, emotion is still worked out by the brain so Shepherd is still the best choice huh!
  4. Dr. Miranda Bailey – Another doctor that finds reasons and heart to truly care for the patient. I think I get better fast if she’s my doctor with all the mother instinct included.
  5. Dr. Jackson Avery – He’s gorgeous! I could marry this guy in a heartbeat! And he owns the hospital plus he’s a smart doctor. He’s the complete package. I’d rather want to see him not as his patient but a visiting wife at work. 😉
  6. Dr. Owen Hunt – Because I am clumsy, he’s going to be a great help for my crazy trauma incidents and I know that he’ll always be composed and ready to treat me.

How about you?