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[1: 1,713 of 10,000] Pain Goes Away

In Article on June 5, 2016 at 9:30 AM

Are you hurting right now? The pain will go away but before it does, find the gem it brings. It may be trivial like teaching you to forgive, okay that’s a little big, or make you love yourself more, ooppss that’s pretty big as well; the thing is pain brings big lesson that is worth all the sleepless nights, the excruciating agony that seemed no end, and then when you’ve reached rock bottom you’ll realise that there is no other way but to rise up.

Check where your focus is. I don’t know if it is my talent that I am capable of forgetting the painful details, it’s like having an amnesia, it’s not really about trying to hide away and not facing reality, but I have help ignoring the ugly and focus on what’s good out of it. There is always good, you don’t need to trust me, but for the sake of your healthy life, believe it.

If you start surrounding yourself with great things, the bad starts fading away. There was this man that I adore not because he’s perfect but there is so much about him that I associate myself. I knew that he was meant to be part of my life until the expiry of our relationship needs to end. The best way to completely end the connection is to burn the bridges, I didn’t regret how it played because it was the best way. I thought we need each other, I thought I need to help him, and now I still remember him but the ardent desire to be part in each other’s life is not there anymore. I could only pray that he’s truly happy wherever he is right now. I am very happy. I always bounce back and chirpy glad that I am alive.

I could always feel when someone is in pain and I question why do I need to feel it. I feel like I have to do something about it but when I am too close, I get burnt way too easily… so in ways I can, slowly finding another medium to help, to share like to write about it. When I am in pain, I take a rest as simple as getting a good sleep, be kind to myself and to selected people that I can reach, and then I do the work to love what I do whatever it is like working to survive or cleaning the house or doing the dishes, finally I am grateful for the blessings like I breathe maybe not very easily but getting there.


[1: 1,684 of 10,000] Why So Serious?

In Journal on February 5, 2016 at 10:24 AM

Why So Serious

Why so serious?

Lighten up and it’s okay if it’s not perfect.

Yes, I am reminding myself and quite proud that I am starting to be softer to my imperfections because I know that I am growing better every single day. Baby steps!

Did you ever join a performance? I was studying in a Chinese school in elementary and we were requested by the town that we would be performing a Chinese dance during one of the festivals. We practised so much to make sure that we’ll be amazing and there was a mishap and yet we’re okay. It’s okay that it’s not always perfect! We actually got away with it, but we knew we screw up a little.

Be intensed, the right amount of intensity.

Tap yourself on the back when you’ve managed to smile and accomplish something today.

Yay life! Yay I live!

[1: 1,496 of 10,000] You’re Judged From Your Last Performance

In Article on June 13, 2015 at 11:59 PM


Imagine a singing contest where participants are being judged on their recent performance and viewers will make a vote based on who stays.

In life, it’s kind of like that, not the part of being judged because we should never let anyone be judgmental of another person since we would never understand their personal journey (unless of course it is a constructive criticism, which is really necessary, or simply when our opinion is being asked); it’s the part when we show others who we are and we need to get better until the best of us is achieved.

We should never be complacent to do what we’ve always done, it’s best to grow, explore new territories, and never ever stop learning new skills and even being open to another point of view. It is easy to just show up, unprepared, or sloppy, but in every day that we wake up, we have to give our best shot with the aim of getting better every time. 😉

We can do this by giving our focus, practice, persevere, enrolling to a class, asking help from others, and also through reading and watching good materials. There are so many ways if we seek it and we truly want it. Let us all drop our excuses and have the courage to face each with a bright smile that the best is yet to come!