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[1: 1,644 of 10,000] Do You Feel Your Guardian Angel?

In Article on November 7, 2015 at 11:47 AM

Guardian Angel

Call me weird but there are several moments that out of no where someone I don’t see nudges me to correct something on what I am working on. I often exclaimed, oh snap, that’s a great catch! Is it my subconscious who is able to detect it that my conscious self wouldn’t able to right away? Was it my inner intellect guiding me? Or is it something higher than me, beyond me?

I’d been hearing that an artist is the medium but never the ultimate source as the mother not the actual creator of a child but the precious bearer. It is comforting to know that I made this blog not to gather fame, I don’t even know if they are helpful to anyone at all, but I write here because it gives me joy and an outlet. It makes me believe that I am honouring my calling by being expressive without being barred. I do it because when I show up to write, I hope I invite my muse to make it finer, better, and truly inspiring maybe not for anyone else but also for me.

So I raise my glasses to cheer my guardina angel, who puts up to my stubborness, who I hope patient enough to wait for me as I overcome my inner demons, and who loves me even if he knows I couldn’t see him and forgets about him. Thank you with all my heart! 🙂

[1: 939 of 10,000] Where Is My Robbie Williams?

In Journal on February 23, 2013 at 12:00 AM

In this video of Robbie Williams singing “Candy” he acts as a super guardian angel for the lady. Where is my Robbie Williams? My guardian angel is probably beside me, reading what I am typing and smirking.

It feels good to live knowing that you are protected and loved. Hey you, who is reading this blog and smirking, thank you and I love you! 😉