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[1: 1,875 of 10,000] My 12 GYM Rules

In List on April 21, 2017 at 5:19 PM

Fitness First Goal 3

  1. I will never be ashamed to be flabby and sweaty. I am in the gym exactly to shed fats¬†so being embarrassed that I don’t look good is out of the equation.
  2. I listen to my personal trainer. I am a very conscientious person and a rule follower (as much as I can) and so I really take it to heart when he says, “Challenge yourself.” If the weight or intensity of the routine is too easy, I really admit it and request to make it more challenging.
  3. I listen to my body too. I am not physically strong at all times and I couldn’t do all the routines; so if my body is tearing down, like having a mind of its own, like I once fell, then I stop and rest.
  4. Bring a water bottle. I always need to drink between routines as it makes me breathe and relax.
  5. Sleep properly. My body is well rested if I get 7 hours, so I do that.
  6. I show up to my 3-times a week gym schedule on time unless there’s a work travel.
  7. I eat healthier choices. I try to eat more frequently in proper proportion. I have not drink Diet Coke since I started going to gym; there are split moments that I wanted to indulge to drink a bit but stopped myself. Those extra weights make my push up harder!
  8. I love my sore body parts a day after a gym workout knowing they’ve been shaken up.
  9. Invest in proper gym clothes to be comfortable.
  10. Never give up too easily and complete the routine as hard as it may be. Master my weak mind that wanted to give up. I hope one day, I can do the… “Start counting when I want to stop.”
  11. Enjoy every moment and I was even enjoying it more whenever my body produced endorphins.
  12. I do this as a part of my lifestyle now because I wanted to be healthy. Exercise gives me energy to do more productive things. Gretchen Rubin was right to include exercise to have the right kind of energy in her Happiness Project.

[1: 1,874 of 10,000] Change Is Difficult But Worth It

In Journal on April 21, 2017 at 4:56 PM


Change is difficult but it is important to step outside my comfort zone to see progress. A life without progress was the feeling of death due to depression.

I am so grateful that I can afford it so I signed up for gym membership and a personal trainer and it is changing my life positively.

I never like exercise but my right working mind knows that my body needs it. It is futile for me to go to the gym without signing up for a guide otherwise I would just end up messy without doing the exercise correctly, I needed professional help. I also need somebody to boost my confidence that I am doing something right (regardless that he is paid to do so).

I have always thought that my body will always have a fat limit, always comfortable saying, ‘This is the fattest that I have ever been’; only to notice that every year I get heavier as I age. I kept eating unhealthy food, I LOVE RICE, and I wasn’t moving. I couldn’t fool myself that I have my limit because my weight kept increasing, my belly looked like a nine-month pregnant or carrying a beer belly like my dad did (yet I don’t even like beer), I now have food allergies, and worst depressed with life although I conceal it.

I have been going to the gym as much as possible three times a week. I usually go home sore in various body parts but I feel really happy. Every time I sweat profusely at the gym, it feels like shedding off my bad voodoos away. I am automatically also conscious about what I eat now and really paying attention to my trainer who knows best except counting the calories of all food intake, I still don’t want to learn that.

My tummy is now smaller than it used to be. My happiness level is genuine and moving uphill. My energy is not 100% strong but I have that inner glow to appreciate the beautiful, to be very hopeful that life is freakishly amazing, and the will power to make things happen. Was all these a result of the gym, maybe not, but it is one heck of a great starting point for a positive life. Go and exercise, not necessarily for weight loss, but think to live a ‘healthy life’.

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[1: 1,649 of 10,000] Signing Up For A Gym

In Journal on November 12, 2015 at 11:59 AM


I’m sweating, anxious, eating rice, and drinking cokes; this is not revenge and stocking up before signing up for a gym; this is me trying to comprehend my future decision if I will be committed to eat right, exercise with a personal trainer, and devote time to drive to the gym on a weekday night and in both early weekends. I had a test run for a day and my body ached for a week, am I going to allow that to happen just before I go for Christmas break. I’m not so sure I am doing myself a good favor.

This is asking me to invest money, time, effort, and dedication. I hope the personal trainer doesn’t annoy me with nonsense and proved to be smart enough in convincing me that he can do a good job. Positive attitude!

[1: 1,621 of 10,000] I Hit The Gym

In Journal on October 16, 2015 at 8:02 AM


I hit the gym with the goal of checking the place if it’s something I’d be comfortable working out with the right personal trainer. The membership price is reasonable and it’s something I look foward to start by November.

My first goal is not to lose weight, hitting the gym will automatically makes me lose weight (I hope as the bonus), but my true aim is to gain stamina so I don’t ever feel sluggish and I will have all the energy to do what I need to do both personally and professionally. It would also be a great happy surprise that I can wear office dresses that won’t show my bulging tummy.

For the dry run, I was asked to go infront of the mirror, follow the instruction of the personal trainer, and I couldn’t possibly stare at my round-shaped body¬†laughing back at me (I distorted my mind with what a perfect woman’s body should be, I’m being too cruel on myself and must stop). It was a little annoying that I started making petty complains too. It was a true englightening experience and it’s one of those moments that I know I was stepping out from my comfort zone. Next time I hit the gym, I will just enjoy the sweating, manage my breathing to not black out, and pause to rest (I’m no iron man).

I was quite proud of myself wearing a razor back and not hiding my tummy from everyone in the gym. My sissy who was with me had a burning eye balls for seeing my fat armpit raised in the air and all the wrong viceral and subcutaneous fats saying hello in a loud and proud manner. I knew that if there’s anything that I should never do in the gym is to hide my truth that I’m overweight at 64 kilos, being 159 cm, and at 35. I know it’s wrong combination of numbers but I am starting and I feel good. In case you’re wondering, yes that’s my fat ass in the photo and who ever invented that little wheel, I want to say to you congratulations for you made me really suffer for awhile.