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[1: 2,073 of 10,000] Silver Hair and Bangs

In Journal on May 17, 2022 at 5:17 PM

I went to a new hairdresser to have a new flavor of style. I met Melanie.

My hair was over the shoulder and I want to lighten up so I went for the shortest bob possible. The part came when she asked whether I like bangs and I answered no but she misunderstood and cut it.

Part of me was curious what bangs would look like since I’ve never gotten them again for years but the adult in me protest.

I didn’t make a big fuss about the one swoop of sheer because hair grows anyway. I do recognize though the comedy that I’m relating bangs with being a child and my sparse silver hairs say otherwise.

I’ve been coloring my hair since my late 30s to hide my silver hairs but this time I am being wise with my spending and at the same time facing how to show up authentically starting with showing my true hair colors.

It’s unnerving that I’m judging that my hair isn’t in its immaculate condition. I’m going to observe what will come first. (1) Will I color it again or (2) accept and appreciate the present locks that continue to grow.