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[1: 2,063 of 10,000] Pissed At Steve Carell Playing Mitch Kessler

In Article on August 30, 2021 at 9:15 PM

Last weekend I watched the first season of The Morning Show and Steve Carell played the character Mitch Kessler and I’m so pissed at him. My mind couldn’t separate the actor from the character, he played it so well my blood is boiling that I hated him. It’s a serious sign that I have my own sexual trauma and it’s coming out of the surface. He wasn’t aware that he caused torment to different women in the workplace.

I can totally relate to the women who preferred to freeze and silent themselves because we were never trained how to react when men has advancement that is outright offensive and wrong. I can remember being harassed and I didn’t know how to react. I’ve experienced strangers inappropriately brushing their hand inappropriately and I’m shocked, run away and cried, in one incident it even happened inside a church during a vacation in Jordan. Previous colleagues suggesting to go into relationship with them despite the common knowledge that they’re married. I know that there are still a lot of decent men out there but it doesn’t change the fact too that there are who are blatantly indecent.

Girls and ladies, as Dr. Shefali wrote on the book A Radical Awakening, “The tragedy isn’t just that these men did what they did to a defenseless young girl, as males do to millions of females around the globe. The real tragedy is that our mothers, aunts, and female teachers don’t tell us how to prepare for it. No one told me that I was prey. By being aware of this, you won’t be caught off guard. You will be vigilant, ever present. You will protect yourself as wisely as you can, knowing that even when you do so you will fall to unwanted advances. As soon as this happens, you are to call on your sisters or one of us. You are to reach out for help. You are to speak up and speak out against any abuse. There is no shame in being a victim of a predator. It is not your fault if this happens.”

No one deserves to be violated of their privacy and sacred space. We have to react to stop it, protect ourselves and speak out on the spot! As scary as it can be, let’s try our very best to not freeze and say we’re not condoning it.