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[1: 1,460 of 10,000] Toasted White Bread & Butter

In Article on May 8, 2015 at 11:24 AM

Who do you believe nowadays? They said brown bread is better than white; and then another study says all along white bread is better at keeping your brain healthier in the long run. Who is telling the truth?

Here’s what I live by.

I listen to my gut feeling even if it’s not nutritionally smart like who wants to eat greasy Chinese noodles (I do!)

Since the beginning of time, I love white bread, whether it’s good or bad to my body, I eat what is palatable! I also like butter on top of my bread, salted preferred, and I want white sugar for my tea or coffee. To the health conscious reading this, yes I may die sooner than anticipated or I may not.

Toasted White Bread & Butter

I think anything in life, moderation is key, and unless a certain action is really inexcusable, then no amount of moderation can defend it. Killing a man with a single gun shot in his head for instance is a no no but giving him white bread and salted butter every single day of his life, well you’re on to something. 😛

[1: 1,426 of 10,000] Good News: Inner Peace is at the Right Side of our Brain

In Article on April 1, 2015 at 12:38 PM

I am grateful that Oprah Winfrey interviewed Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. If you haven’t got a clue about inner peace, this video is a good platform to start.

She was a brain scientist from Harvard who had a stroke and was only left with a perfectly working right hemisphere of her brain. A damaged left hemisphere is the same as not being able to talk and not knowing who she was including her own name.

Here are the beautiful things I learned from the talk.

  • Throughout the interview, she is joyful! Her smile were wide and genuine. Leaving her with only the right hemisphere of her brain to be working, it then magnificently allowed her to experience (a) deep inner peace, (b) innocence, (c) beauty, (d) purification, (e) nirvana, and (f) and in total awe with the miracle; despite drooling and acting like an infant from the outside.
  • The challenging state she was in was a realisation that people don’t have disabilities, instead they are different and Jill wondered what did they gained. It is true that her motor and language skills were impaired but she could sense the energy of a person, if they mean well or not. She couldn’t recognise her own mother but her love, patience (a lot of it), and nurturing made her try to relearn everything otherwise she would have just given up and stayed in her la la land (happy place).
  • She said that all humans have the same atoms and molecules by 99.99%, it is only the 0.01% that makes us unique. That is fascinating to know because with that 0.01% difference, we kind of forget to consider other people as our brothers and sisters; there is really no reason to battle it out to cause sufferings! We could love one another and appreciate our 0.01% uniqueness.
  • The circumstance made her lost her ego. Ego as she described are neurones with a size of a peanut at the left hemisphere that continuously chatter past pains or future fears. Letting ego control our mind, detriments us to live in the present, be calm, be at peace, and be truly loving. So we have to pay attention and stop our focus from emotional baggages, find greatness to focus on.
  • Ego, the story telling chattering, is the price we pay for language. To be able to speak, well I then is grateful that with my ego, I am able to type this post. 🙂 It gives me joy to type this post.
  • Anger only lasts for 90 seconds and after that it is flashed out from our system. The only reason it stays is because we let our ego to keep replaying the scenes that have happened in the past or may be we even make assumptions to fuel the fire.
  • I love how she never let people throw their baggage at her. When Oprah asked her if she care about what people think of her. She answered, “I don’t care what you think of me. I am as big as the universe.” and she is right, and so each one of us, we are as big as the universe, we are one with the universe.

I don’t know if you think the above ideas are foolish, since today is April Fool’s Day, but it is good that we do find inner peace so we may love everything and everyone around us. We expand ourselves and all the limitations, fears, and prides that caused us to suffer will diminish. We will live a blissful life that is full of wonders and that is a complete blessing.

[1: 1,412 of 10,000] Crazy Weekend Headache by “Into The Woods”?

In Review on March 14, 2015 at 9:09 PM

Argh, I am not quite sure what brought this weekend headache, which isn’t happily invited at all. Let me have a recap on my Friday itinerary –

  • Just after midnight, I gathered the courage to read an email from someone I don’t admittedly say I love. Got baffled that he ended it with “I miss you!” I didn’t reply back.
  • My housemate was nagging me to find a good “Beef Bourguignon” recipe and make it for Friday. Checked Ina Garten’s and Julia Child’s, I need either a “Cognac” or “Brandy” – Yay! couldn’t do it now.
  • On bed at 2ish but didn’t get to sleep immediately.
  • Have to get up at 10am since it’s grocery day.
  • Dubai weather is getting a bit hotter and driving isn’t very fun.
  • Maxed out my Debit and Credit Cards to lent it to somebody important, I am crazy and that was the first hint of headache.
  • After 2 hours at Mall of the Emirates, we drove home with the excitement that I’m making red pasta with kofta meatballs. At this time, I am so hungry. Headache on level 2.
  • While cooking, I’ve eaten pre-cooked siomai, chips, and Sprite from Carrefour.
  • The pasta was delicious, but at this time, it’s already quite late, and I am still uber hungry!! I am elevating the the headache to level 3.
  • My sissy played the “Imitation Game” then “Into the Woods” – I don’t know about you by the “Into the Woods” singing almost all throughout the movie is ANNOYING!!! I did liked “Moulin Rouge” with lots of singing but “Into the Woods” almost have the same tone throughout the movie, seriously!!! At this time, I fall asleep not even waiting for the ending and my headache lasted until the whole Saturday. Headache level to the roof! And what’s with the baker’s wife and Prince Charming? Whoa, not the movie for kids at all, it has reality though, painful reality. The only part that made me laugh was the Baker getting pissed when Red Riding Hood was getting goodies, that was funny; but that’s it.

Into the Woods

[1: 1,362 of 10,000] Was I Waiting For Sympathy Or I Just Realised The Truth?

In Journal on October 30, 2014 at 9:02 PM



  1. I am stressed at work because I have so much to do more than a sane person can handle.
  2. I swoon for my boss and it was quite a boost for more drama and some borderline flirting in between.
  3. I don’t get properly paid and yet I am expected to keep everything in order. I was counting it for “experience” sake.
  4. I wanted to resign because I don’t think the work environment is giving me a good life purpose.
  5. I got sick for too many times and now I really had chicken pox out of the blue or caused by excessive working.
  6. I got a proper sick note from the doctor and my boss expects me to work at home like it is still my obligation.


  1. I am special and important that they ask if I am all right before I am asked to work at home while I am sick.
  2. My welfare as a human being comes first before any other office reports.
  3. My boss misses me.


  1. I am just one of the staffs who is expected to work even when sick.
  2. I don’t have a special arrangement to get my salary since I am absent.
  3. My boss doesn’t love me, he just use me for my talents at the cheapest price.
  4. I am not going to waste all my brilliance and put my health in the line ever again for the wrong company.


[1: 1,321 of 10,000] No More Alarm Clock

In Journal on May 23, 2014 at 5:02 PM

I made it! I finally established that I will only wake up with my biological clock. It endearingly nudges me at 6-ish in the fresh morning.


I have been a lunatic keeping an alarm clock at 5AM only to ignore it. It does prepare me an hour before I get up but in truth it only disrupted a blissful slumber.

I feel free for getting rid of my alarm clock. It took practice and it is really possible. It is my part of my journey of getting myself healthy with the constant reminder that I should sleep every night on my bed. The latter still proved to be a challenge.

[1: 1,292 of 10,000] I Don’t Want To Sleep

In Journal on February 4, 2014 at 2:09 AM

When I have so much adrenaline pumping in my system and sleep eludes me I find sleeping a waste of time. I want to match the flow of creativity during wee hours where the only sound I could hear is my talking mind, the tapping of keyboard, or a melody playing that inspire even further.

Night Owl

It is my constant escape from reality but I have been getting a little sick lately that I am reassessing my choices. I now agree that I got to sleep every night; it not even about the fear of dying young but to actually confirm that I love ME and got to take care YOR even if it’s tempting to do no sleep for so many times.

So enough for now and let me go zone out…

[1: 1,262 of 10,000] Hello Gym

In Article on January 5, 2014 at 10:36 PM

It’s not a dream, I hit the gym!

It’s for the first time this year without excuses, fear, or regrets.

  • Excuses that I am too busy, I make time for my health.
  • No fear that I may not feel accomplished if nothing happened and that crazy popping vein on my leg can be hidden with a legging.
  • Definitely no regret because I am finally doing something to shake my fats! It’s not funny that my dresses don’t fit me no more. I am not making a wardrobe change only to buy 3 sizes bigger than what I already have.

Gym Outfit

My muscles felt the pain but the produced endorphin made me feel high and bursting with undeniable energy.

I am hitting the gym all for the right reasons.

  • Getting in a great healthy shape and hopefully reaching my 110 pounds weight target.
  • Inspired that I could amazingly move swifter, not being dead lazy and munching goodies.
  • Did I mention high? Oh yeah, because it’s really true. I heard a very healthy woman, a t.v. personality covering sports, mentioned in one of her interviews that she cannot not go to gym, I used to think don’t she gets tired, and I found the answer, she wouldn’t because exercise lifts our mood by increasing serotonin levels in our brain. It helps though that I go to the gym with a buddy.

[1: 1,259 of 10,000] Good Bye Coke & Chips

In Journal on January 2, 2014 at 10:53 PM

George launches the Wonderfit Jean - the magical jean where one size fits allThe weighing scale shouts the heaviest I’ve been and if I am letting this careless incesive drinking of soft drinks most especially Coke Light and eating chips every weekend then I couldn’t just expect to lost weight can’t I?

This year I am not going to drink soft drinks because water, tea, fruit juice, and occasional chocolate or coffee drink would be a better option.

As for the chips, I got to say good bye because I am a year older and I am not gifted with a great metabolism that burns calories like magic.

Aside from refraining for unhealthy drink and food, yeah yeah I am hitting the gym this year too! 😉

[1: 1,247 of 10,000] Work Advice To Remember for 2014

In Journal on December 21, 2013 at 7:37 PM

How To Work Better

I love each and every advice. I did crazy stuffs in the past that I forget to get things simpler and workable. It’s never too late to learn.

[1: 1,236 of 10,000] High BP

In Article on December 10, 2013 at 8:33 PM

Blood Pressure33 and a high blood pressure?

There is something in my chest for months now making me breath hard. Yeah, quite ‘me’ unhealthy!

  1. It could be my depression causing me to emotionally eat, gaining weight, and recklessly enveloping my heart with fats. Damn those delicous Coke Light (I love light, less calories?) and bags of chips.
  2. My unrequited love? I am secretly in love with somebody who would never be mine. The subtle pinch of jealousy doesn’t help because he’s such a tease to every lady with boobs, long legs, and eye candy face. He’s also engaged to be married. The picture is so wrong, trust me, my twisted mind, hopeless romantic heart, and lustful feeling are as confused as my supposedly witty brain.
  3. I am super overwhelmed and stressed out at the office. No explanation to elaborate, I am simply working the roles of 5 people.

I visited a doctor and the blood pressure was way too high. It could also mean that I was just nervous having my reading taken alone. Oh, will it contribute too that I checked my work mail before going in to the clinic for check-up? I almost cried in front of the doctor too when I was telling him I am just too tired at the office.

My ECG was all right. I was asked to check my pressure for the next 2 weeks, have my blood taken, but I just not up for it. I know exactly what I need to do, RELAX and get off all my shits.