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[1: 2,014 of 10,000] Speaking My Truth

In Journal on November 15, 2020 at 11:57 PM

I have moments that when I rush to speak my mind defensively only to feel bad for raising my voice madly, snarling, being judgmental and insulting. There were times I was so indifferent that I would rather just agree, or not speak what I truly feel because why make the effort to something that’s fleeting.

Then I got better in being still that I am witnessing my patterns and started being courageous and ultimately start speaking my truth. I am in a position to stay and not go. I am no longer choosing quiet over nodding for concepts that don’t aligned to me. I am voicing what’s true to me and it’s satisfying and liberating.

It took time to finally be a true witness of myself. In stillness of my being there’s nothing that I can be afraid of but I can move confidently and with love. In saying what’s truly inside my heart, I can impart inspiration, a new sense of positive direction, and the more I pave the way to light I am radiating light for my own to sustain me in this state of being.

[1: 2,007 of 10,000] Feeding From Despair

In Journal on November 8, 2020 at 7:26 PM

I have a sleepless night but I wake up with an attitude of giving life a space to unfold and observing what is. I did not force myself to spiral in negative thinking but instead, I was gentle to myself.

My motivation to work was low in the beginning of the day especially when I heard a bad news. Finally, I have a conference call and when I heard a despair from the other person in the other line, my heart restart, my passion ignited, I got the desire to give comfort. That got me thinking of my hidden strength, when worst come to surface, I’m capable to rise up and stop the bleeding. I am mustering light and love to transmute the looming sadness.

Love is really beautiful. Love recognizes sadness and despair. Love wants to heal and gives comfort. Love wants to show up simply with courage and kindness.

[1: 2,000 of 10,000] Wake Up Heart

In Poem on October 26, 2020 at 6:18 AM
Photo by Alex Shutin on Unsplash

I wait for the sun to rise
Behind the tall buildings
Expectantly I know it’s coming
As its rays slowly peeking

I close my eyes to feel
Its light kissing my face
Powerful, warm, unapologetic
Making my heart race peaks

Wake up I say to my heart
Rise up I say to my mind
Laugh with your belly
Breathe life leisurely

I own the day
I choose to love
Om I say
Am worthy, am enough

[1: 1,981 of 10,000] My Current Favorites That Make My Heart Sings

In List on March 21, 2020 at 6:33 AM

Yor Ryeter Matcha Ice Cream

Soft served ice cream from Japan and the green one is Matcha with gold dusting, fancy huh! 😛

I’m in charge of what I feel! It’s my responsibility to find a better feeling thought. One of the secrets of feeling good is making a list of your favorites. Another secret, if you’re feeling good it’s the best time to manifest anything you want and make that Law of Attraction works for you.

  1. I love ice cream and I love the Matcha soft serve ice cream in Japan.
  2. I love the Amazing Day song of Coldplay that I’ve only discovered lately.
  3. I love my new Dior Rose Des Vents bracelet with malachite stone. It’s a lucky one!
  4. I love my grey Stella McCartney tee shirt, so soft!
  5. I love flowers, they brighten my day!
  6. I love notebooks and I have 8++ active ones for different subjects.
  7. I love my Dubai apartment and in times like this that working at home is advisable I’m so grateful that I’m in a space that I so love!
  8. I love words!
  9. I love and grateful to all my guardian angels guiding and surprising me!
  10. I love my life!

What’s yours?

[1: 1,717 of 10,000] The Social Media LIKE or HEART Effect

In Article on June 9, 2016 at 12:46 AM


Have you tried posting on social media and the moment someone liked it or double tapped it, you feel a pang of gladness, satisfaction, gratification, and then even fall into the habit of checking who’s the latest person who “kind of” appreciated the virtual you or a part of you. I am guilty of such!

What is worst? This quick source of gratification is exercised even further than my personal life because I manage the social media of where I work. It makes me smile although most of the times, I could feel that for business I have the control to separate it from myself, like I am not owning the credit 100%.

Social media is sometimes addictive and I really don’t want to suffer the bad consequence in the long run. I’ve thought of abandoning it and really make a true connection with people in person; but I just couldn’t especially if my dearest friends are located in different parts of the world. Making a true relationship is truly about making a conscious effort to be connected, mingle or be out and about, to plan trips together, and only an excuse is sitting between its realisation.

[1: 1,582 of 10,000] When You Visit My Heart Right Now

In Poem on September 7, 2015 at 7:55 AM

White Room

When you visit

my heart right now

You enter into a room

With soothing melody

playing constantly

Clouds seats are everywhere

Room is perfectly lit

It glistens but won’t hurt your eyes

You are safe

Entering a room

filled with love


You’re welcome

I’m here to love you


[1: 1,363 of 10,000] I Got Nothing To Say

In Poem on October 31, 2014 at 5:46 AM


I usually have so much to say.

They may be rushed but insightful. Honest. Ruthless.

Am I still mourning with my realisations?

Or my heart’s silence is learning and living how to be calm.

To contemplate?

Or just sad.

I can grieve. For a while. No, properly.

Feel something painful and then let go.

Then my journey starts again.

This time more sure of the things I will ignore.

More focused on the things I shall look forward to.

Determined to what is important for my being.

My health. My spirit.