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[1: 1,820 of 10,000] When I Look In Front Of A Mirror

In Journal on December 1, 2016 at 11:24 PM


I try to always do the right thing but lately I start to question even my drive. I stopped being hungry. Moments come that I lose my grip for determination because I feel old, gets tired too easily, and allow myself to be very worried ending with no proper sleeps for two nights in a row. It boggles me that there is nothing worth living for.

I couldn’t feel anything because I am frightened to feel something. I am afraid to feel love again because I build up all the boundaries before it even begun. I let my judgment of others ruin my own value. Why is it that when I hurt so bad I wish to hurt back, which only freezes me in reality? Why is it when I got my heart broken I feel so weak to mend it back to whole?

When is a little going away from the wagon all right? Will I find my way back to connect with the one true source of love and live with kindness and courage to fulfill my dreams?

I still see a glimmer of hope. I am hopeful.



[1: 1,417 of 10,000] A Young Writer Named Lang Leav

In Journal on March 17, 2015 at 3:37 PM

I saw Lang Leav‘s modern writing from a friend’s Instagram posts and surprisingly I find it piercing through me. I am not sure if she has been hurt or she just have a wonderful imagination and a creative ways with words –

Lang Leav

I could never miss a man I love because he’ll have a place in my soul forever.

He etched memories in me that may later become foggy but could just easily be burning like it’s now once again.

With all my strength, I will try to forget and disregard him, especially after contributing to his life’s drama. But who am I kidding, the more I resist his memory, the more it will rushed and brushed the softest parts of my being.

So I will love him silently and every once in a while, I send him a message that I remembered him and wish him well.