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[1: 1,594 of 10,000] How Do You Save The Mentally Ill?

In Article on September 19, 2015 at 6:47 PM


I have feared to lose my mind and become mentally ill especially when I get lost in my writing and creating characters that I have made up in my imagination. Watching “Sucker Punch” and seeing the old ways to cure mental illnesses, yes I was talking about the needle that gets inserted through the eye, didn’t help to comfort my fear.

Are criminals suffer some kind of a mental illness? Are people who are always mad and always find things to complain about a danger to society? Are the doctors truly able to diagnose a mental illness? Are there perfect solutions to end the madness?

I just completed my marathon of “Walking Dead” ending at Season 5 and it is such a depressing show knowing the norm is changing and human life has little value if certain man can’t learn to live with others amicably. I just finished watching the last episode of “Hannibal” from Season 1 and it is alarming seeing a psychopath and a serial killer lurking.

At some point, I suspected that somebody I know is suffering from mental illness and I feel scared for his wife who might be in danger. He cheats on his wife, tried to threat that he’ll kill himself if his wife leaves him, a pathological liar, and 95% of the time got something to complain about and felt entitled to start an argument.

I felt bad too that I don’t know how to help my adopted brother who I don’t exactly know how he lives when not all he says were the truth. He was a child from an illicit affair and the wife (I mean being crazy mad at the mistress) tried to have him aborted yet he survived but with mental complications. Both his parents are still alive but not one of them claims to take care of him. My parents passed away and somehow I know that I have to be there for him and yet I don’t know how. Not yet anyway but I know the right path will come soon.

I pulled back. All these couldn’t simply exist without a solution. All the pain will eventually end and make a beautiful start and make a remarkable ending.

[1: 1,567 of 10,000] Moved

In Poem on August 23, 2015 at 1:25 PM

So you’re moved by an idea

By an individual

Or an organization

It even made you tear up

Oh wait, sob even

Now what?

Will you act on it?

Will you share the story?

How will you help?

Can you persuade anyone to support it?

Yeah, being moved is something

It makes you feel human

To feel uncomfortable


But seriously though

Now what?

You got to try

You got to do something

Complement the feeling

Make it sparks in your tribe

Go on

Dig deeper

Be creative


Charity Water organization acts to resolve the 1Billion crisis worldwide of people with no access to clean water. Let us help. Visit www.charitywater.org to donate and note that all donations are 100% go to the water project.

Charity Water organization acts to resolve the 1Billion crisis worldwide of people with no access to clean water. Let us help. Visit http://www.charitywater.org to donate and note that all donations are 100% go to the water project.

Watch this video in the site for brief info: https://www.charitywater.org/whywater

[1: 1,492 of 10,000] Is Our Emotional First Aid Ready?

In Article on June 9, 2015 at 11:41 AM

FaceAre we prepared with our emotional first aid? The psychologist enthusiast in me lead me to hear Guy Winch Ph.D. who spoke at TED about emotional first aid, click here to watch the video. I like how he explains about having a bruise would compel man to get a band aid to cover it up to avoid infection; but when we are suffering emotional pain we end up brushing it off like it’ll go away.

Emotions like Loneliness, Failure, and Rejection lead us to have different reactions. It is important that we have to protect our self-esteem, treat ourselves with compassion, battle negative thinking, and ultimately build emotional resilience. We have to take better care not just our physical but the emotional health too.

How can we treat a psychological wound if we don’t even think that we’re injured? If we are not in tune with our feelings, it is not right that we are setting our lives to destruction, even an early death. I hope this is exactly I would be able to help more people soon, to care for their emotions. I need to find the right scholarship in Australia?!

[1: 1,028 of 10,000] Dubai Protects Consumer Rights

In Article on May 23, 2013 at 12:00 AM

I have seen it worked! To all the consumers in Dubai, if there is a particular business that do not give proper Customer Service, you may simply inform Ahlan Dubai Service and they would surely take action especially if your complain is quite valid.

The Steps

  1. Fill-up the Complain Form (below English form is shared).
  2. Attached evidences about the business transaction.
  3. Email it.
  4. Wait and they will call you to verify the situation and will contact the company to right their wrong 😉

Ahlan Dubai Service – Department of Economic Development

Form        : CCP Complain Form English

Email        : consumerrights@dubaided.gov.ae

URL          : www.consumerrights.ae