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[1: 1,451 of 10,000] Highlighting A Book

In Article on April 29, 2015 at 9:10 AM

I love to highlight books because it gives you the sense of comfort that you may always go back to that particular line that burst an AHA moment, this is similar to double clicking on Instagram or liking on Facebook, so I may go back and refer on them, love love love this line – swoosh highlight.

My fondest memory is buying a mini pamphlet with varieties of quotations (another favourite of mine), it was printed on a recycled paper, saddle stitched, and green cover. I love so many quotes that I started to almost highlight the entire book and my mother caught me doing just that and asked “Why do you have to do that?” It probably doesn’t make sense for her. I forgot my witty argument at that time but I probably could have said, “I was highlighting the ones that I love and apparently all of them except a few!” 😀

I don’t highlight nowadays, with the absence of permanent residence (yeah, I don’t own my own house yet) I usually have the tendency to either sell or donate my books, except the ones that I am really attached. Giving it to somebody else especially if selling it, I find it inconvenient for the new owner, so I stay away highlighting the books. Another technique that I do instead, I copy the quote and instantly share it on social media, that way, I could always refer.

If I really love the book, I have a little hesitation to destroy its pristine condition, and oddly, most of the lines that I love I could find it, I’m no genius, I pretend to be. 😛 Or in case I couldn’t locate, it’s another excuse to reread the whole book and it not only give me a different dose of inspiration but I tend to grasp new ones especially that I am growing everyday. Some experience before may not resound anything at all but suddenly they have more depth and a new found wisdom for me, it was there all along!!