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[1: 2,042 of 10,000] A New Narrative

In Poem on December 12, 2020 at 8:00 PM

It’s a beautiful day
Creating my reality
Starting with a dream
Turns novelty

I move
in the beauty
of Ebb and Flow

Magic dancing
Love bursting
Living raw

Feeling powerful
Thriving in life
Darkness and light
Moments I dive

Photo credit: David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

[1: 1,866 of 10,000] Child

In Article on January 21, 2017 at 12:02 PM

Yesterday I heard a family passed by my apartment, a father, a mother, and a child. The child was asking the parents about where are they going. The child’s voice is filled with excitement and a sense of wonder for a little person but with a whole soul. Are children that hopeful and filled with love because they just came from our source?


To maintain that purity in spirit, the adult has the responsibility to nurture them with love but trust them enough that they could eventually stand up on their own to be what they were supposed to be to serve the world better than they found it.

Children are strong in hope but they are fragile too that adult could break that, to condition them in a hostile upbringing, leading them to a bad path. Adults indeed have the responsibility to care for the young ones to lead with good example, so they can grow up as  a responsible human being.

[1: 1,821 of 10,000] I’m Doomed

In Journal on December 2, 2016 at 7:47 AM


Am I counting the days that I will be alive?

I once heard a father tell a story about his teenage daughter he lost because of a car accident. He said that her daughter doesn’t have a dream and he knew that whenever he asked the question what would you like to be. She always ended with no answer and he doesn’t wonder why anymore because he understood now that she didn’t need to. Whenever I feel like I am out of dreams or feel like dying, I check if I am really out of hope of what I truly dream of from the deepest part of my heart. I relax when I can find at least one thing there.

The study that said people with meaningful relationship are happier and a lot more fulfilled scared me. Having a relationship with bad ones is certainly not going to help. I know that I can still find a dream within wanting to be realized but I’m not sure about the relationship part because there is only a handful (maybe 5) that I can say I love having a connection with. I’m doomed if I don’t start opening myself with others.

I still have time. This morning I woke up, that is enough sign that I still have a mission left to do. I have waken up and you too reading this.

[1: 1,820 of 10,000] When I Look In Front Of A Mirror

In Journal on December 1, 2016 at 11:24 PM


I try to always do the right thing but lately I start to question even my drive. I stopped being hungry. Moments come that I lose my grip for determination because I feel old, gets tired too easily, and allow myself to be very worried ending with no proper sleeps for two nights in a row. It boggles me that there is nothing worth living for.

I couldn’t feel anything because I am frightened to feel something. I am afraid to feel love again because I build up all the boundaries before it even begun. I let my judgment of others ruin my own value. Why is it that when I hurt so bad I wish to hurt back, which only freezes me in reality? Why is it when I got my heart broken I feel so weak to mend it back to whole?

When is a little going away from the wagon all right? Will I find my way back to connect with the one true source of love and live with kindness and courage to fulfill my dreams?

I still see a glimmer of hope. I am hopeful.



[1: 1,807 of 10,000] Controlling The Past Thoughts

In Journal on November 18, 2016 at 11:27 PM


It is terrible that I am letting my past comes rushing through my daily thoughts and even paralysing me. I am a fraud that I no longer live with integrity but my anxiety and laziness win. I am afraid and I need to pull out hope and be strong to live a beautiful and successful life.

I am drunk of claiming glory and it weakens me when I don’t know how to achieve it. My heart is in it but my compass doesn’t follow.

I thank God for the words that I am able to compose together, because through it, I see the glimpse of holiness and love. Thank you that I am not totally left alone in the dark without seeing the brightest stars. It is not over…

[1: 1,740 of 10,000] Just When You Think You’ve Figured It Out

In Poem on July 1, 2016 at 7:00 PM


Just when I thought I got it all figured out
I am back to one

I was playing the cello beautifully
Then I was in pain and need to be operated

I went into business and become successful
Then the market crashed that I have to give it up

I fell in love, got married, had children
In a blink of an eye they died in a horrific accident

Just when I thought I got it all figured out
I am back to me, alone

It is up to me to stand up, stride again
My contribution to the world, is it worth it?

24 hours, same time for you and me
We have our way of using it

What is your plan tomorrow?
Me, one of it is to create again, I hope you too.

[1: 1,672 of 10,000] Hi 2016, Nice To Meet You

In Journal on January 1, 2016 at 10:39 AM

New Year

It’s exciting because today is the beginning of a new set wherein air is filled with love, hope, and joy. We could make each day like a New Year where we become conscious of what we do, there is lightness to truly live in the present, to make an effort to achieve great things even if they are baby steps, and laugh the comedy but without discounting to learn the lesson.

  1. It’s a year where I will serve with my heart and be diligent with the right path.
  2. 2016 is a fantastic year that I will make a business empire come true with my sisters.
  3. It’s time to write another book.
  4. Blog daily (hopefully).
  5. Healthy mojo.
  6. Hungry to keep on learning.
  7. Pray daily. I couldn’t emphasize enough how God has shown me love and support throughout my life. Prayer is my way to be in touch with Him and it helps me to feel grounded and at peace.
  8. Room for romance with someone single, smart, talented, confident, successful, and kind.
  9. Cheers for new experience.

Yay! Does those look like a commitment for 2016? I’ll keep life simple, easy, and definitely enjoyable.

Thank you and ciao 2015! Hi 2016, nice to meet you! 🙂

[1: 1,109 of 10,000] Creating Fear

In Journal on August 9, 2013 at 8:20 PM

FearMy parents died young.

Papa died at 49. Mama passed away at 59.

I’m 33, 16 years away from Papa’s, and 26 years from Mama’s.

I am afraid for dying too soon without making worthy contribution in this lifetime. I am also scared that if I settle down and have kids I won’t be able to be there for them. With the stress that I get myself into, I am worried that I will also have a heartache or develop a deadly cancer.

This silly fear that I thought of makes me sad. If I dig deeper into my heart though, I am comforted with the fact that I love God, my sisters, my dreams that is starting to get realized, and my hope that the world have a soul to be a reflection of heaven. More so, I know that God loves me, my sisters loves me, my dreams stays with me, and my hope lights me up!

Silly fear… fade away.