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[1: 1,516 of 10,000] The Jokes On Me

In Article on July 3, 2015 at 9:58 AM


I feel overwhelmed with my current idea. I am losing grip on its goodness that I believe. Why is doubt lurking in? Although I have to entertain it so I can seriously address before the investor meeting tomorrow.

I am afraid.

  • Afraid that I am not able to handle the start-up.
  • Afraid that it is too shallow.
  • Afraid that it doesn’t help people.
  • Afraid of my haters.

On the otherhand, what if it works?

  • People will have a role model.
  • We have a new way of assessing what’s valuable in our life.
  • Any change needs organic growth.
  • Gain new respect and following that truly matters.

I have to take this shot, I am grateful for the opportunity that I will be heard, to share my idea. Isn’t that something and I have to silence my imaginary critique that unless it is constructive, it might as well shut up and let me work!

[1: 1,396 of 10,000] I Feel Like Adopting

In Journal on January 26, 2015 at 4:32 AM

annie-2014-movieI feel like adopting a child. Is it crazy?

Am I just being envious that my friends who have kids looked fulfilled and very responsible. And here I am pretending that my boss is my son? And my sister is my daughter? Something is wrong in that picture isn’t it?

I have so much love to give and I think an orphan would need someone like me and I need someone like her that would give me more meaning to not just exist. I would rather adopt a child than to get myself a puppy! A child is full of magic, cuteness, and worthwhile challenges along the way.

I am single with no responsibility except to supposedly live my dream. I wanted to have a child of my own but not after committing with a man, get married, and truly settle down. I like to do things in order so it scares me that if I adopt without a father figure, I might be raising a strong woman who would think man is not important. I have lived my life without depending on a man so it wouldn’t be impossible to rub that off on her.

Listening to Annie (2014) Soundtrack right now raises my desire even more of a child, my crazy idea that seems to make sense.

[1: 317 of 10,000] Ice Cream Joke

In Article on August 7, 2011 at 9:06 AM

I was reading the box of Askeys Ice Cream Cone this morning (in case you’re wondering, I am not having ice cream for breakfast today, not that I never did that before) and found this joke (probably you’ve heard it before, if you look at the image, it’s the one in yellow circle):

Q: Why did the reporter walk into the ice cream shop?

A: Because he wanted a scoop!

I hope that made you smile. I told the joke to my mom; she laughed and then asked “Was the reporter got in to get a scoop of ice cream or a scoop of good story?”

In the world of fiction writers and complex mind of adults they will dig deeper and create a new story out of the word “scoop” with the “ice cream shop & reporter” as additional twists and yet when you tell this story to a kid, he will simply say “he was getting both!” or so I guess.