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[1: 1,838 of 10,000] My Bali Trip

In Article on December 26, 2016 at 2:00 PM

Given a chance, I would prefer to live in a place that won’t make me sweat. Dubai may be hot but since all establishments are equipped with air conditioning unit, I am perfectly comfortable to live here and have been for more than 8 years.

Last June of 2016, I was in Bali for 3 days to celebrate my 36th birthday. It was a refreshing break from work despite the long flight.


Weirdly enough, I fall in love with Bali. I was sweating like a pig but I am enjoying myself. I’m not sure if it’s because of my birthday, or I was just happy to be away from work, or for the simple reasons that I have tried so many new things!

I’ve seen so much monkeys roaming around in a temple up close and left the temple unharmed. Oh those monkeys are ruthless if you’re a designated target. I saw shades and a single slippers in the surrounding meaning they’ve been stolen from a human being. My tourist guide walked ahead with a stick, just for protection.

I rode an elephant that could play the harmonica. I soaked my feet in an aquarium filled with tiny fish devouring my dead skin that made me feel petrified for the whole ordeal. I found wonderful shops to buy clothes. But most of all, the beach waves was majestic and soothing.

I recommend, go travel and have new experience. It will light up your life and cut through the boredom. It will give you a new taste of inspiration that will equip you with your life’s journey.

[1: 502 of 10,000] I’m Blending In

In Article on January 8, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Photo Credit: Carolinasgps.org

I am a Filipina with Chinese features currently living in Dubai and went inside an Indonesian store in Karama. The store was filled not only with Indonesia food products but also Indonesian nationals who were speaking their language.

I went it to buy a noodle, which I hope would give me a sort of authentic flavor of Indonesian food (of course I would be fooling myself thinking about authenticity if it’s a processed food). I picked a Nasi Goreng flavored cup noodle (to be cooked in 3 minutes and viola, Indonesian noodle is served) and go to the counter.

I know that my physical feature can be considered Indonesian and for the sake of blending in, I kept a low profile and took Fifty Dirham bill ready, which I’ve estimated more than my actual bill.

I smiled at the cashier and pointed for the product I’m about to purchase. He told me the amount in Indonesian but I peeked through the cash register that says Eight Dirham. I hand him my money, he gave me the change, and bagged my cup noodles. As he hand me the purchase, I said, “thank you,” and he smiled too and probably said ‘you’re welcome‘ again in Indonesian.

It was a fun experience. I went in and out without the cashier or the other customers’ suspicion that I didn’t understand a word they say except when for one number that sounded like Ilocano (a local Philippine dialect). I successfully blend in. 😉