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[1: 1,167 of 10,000] Crazy About Nail Polish

In Review on October 6, 2013 at 12:00 AM

For months I refrained from applying nail polish because my nails turned yellow but the scary part was it became brittle and one just got broken (it was a bit painful). I have always have strong nails but all of a sudden it was gasping for relaxation.

I let it rest, waited it to grow until the yellowish were gone. Finally, I am off to buy myself 3 new Inglot Nai Polish, which according to the sales associate was water based, it will not turn my nails yellow, so I was hoping it will not soften and make my nails weak ever again.

Inglot Nail Polish

I love nail polish because I type a lot so to see my colorful nails, it makes me smile, or deeper than that, it makes me truly happy! ♥