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[1: 1,726 of 10,000] Stubbornness

In Article on June 18, 2016 at 8:16 AM

I am starting to elude social media again. Making my profile as invisible as I can, if only I don’t want to be reconnected to anyone then I would simply delete all of them. It might be a good idea actually. Pondering…

If I am being very reflective and honest, the reasons why I post can be classified in four reasons:

  1. There is something worth sharing and I wanted my tribe to know about it. It could be something so mundane, too cute, funny, or really interesting or insightful that it could change the world.
  2. I wanted to brag about what is happening in my life. I am vacationing in this part of the world #IWishYouWereHere because what is the point of going all those trouble when no one else can see it.
  3. As mentioned earlier, it’s a way to reconnect with old acquaintances. If that’s even a positive thing depending on what reason are you reconnecting in the first place.
  4. I am preparing and practicing that social media could help boost the future business that my family and I would build. Oh well!

And then there is this:


Elizabeth Gilbert’s favourite poet was Jack Gilbert.

Jack was a magnificent poet but whenever he finished writing masterpieces he goes out of the grid (20 years he’s out and comes back again with a new masterpiece), no fame nor wealth but he does receive grandiose accolade. Shall I take that route, write beautiful things that matter, but leave it all just with the writing and we don’t need defending or cashing more through interviews and endorsements?

But there is also an Elizabeth Gilbert who communicates beautifully in Facebook. When she’s not concentrating writing a new book, she shares inspiring things to her readers and even personally interacts with them. I once wrote to her page and she replied. She is one of the people I visited and read her Facebook feeds.

I can indeed learn from both style and stay where I am still true to myself.