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[1: 1,664 of 10,000] Bond, James Bond

In Review on November 27, 2015 at 7:50 AM


I grew up watching the James Bond franchise. I think I’ve seen them all, if not all then definitely majority of them.

Watching Spectre in a Dubai cinema means no bed scenes and if I am not mistaken a Bond movie comprise with an espionage, gun, women, a good looking car, a villain, and an elegantly dressed agent 007 in his tuxedo or in a impecably tailored suit. There were deleted scenes but I appreciate what’s left.

I am thrilled with the action scenes, the fashion, the oozing confidence, and an injection of humor especially coming from Q. It was an entertaining movie that should not be taken as realistic but nowadays I do feel like we create our lives into a cinema that anything is possible.

I don’t think it was a smooth movie overall but I am glad I enjoyed it. If you’ve been watching Bond, this is like any of the other films only suitable for the 2015 era, and so go see it. Nothing spectacularly surprising, it is predictable that Bond always win in the end.

[1: 842 of 10,000] 13 + 2

In Review on November 22, 2012 at 11:59 PM

I love today.

13 – I found the perfect organizer for 2013. Despite technology and my deepening love for typing, I love writing my plan and reminder everyday. I love crossing out and doodling. Letts of London (The Original Diary Since 1812) is the maker of this silver sparkle.

I particularly love the 1-page December 2012, it’s perfect for my new career starting 1st of December, 2012. I have a subtle but curious love for Italian so having some Italian translations within it is something special. Plus it has German Holidays – my new boss is a German so how perfect is that?

2 – I watched 2 movies, Breaking Dawn Part 2 of course and Skyfall. I am going to react and it is not raving.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is good, not as surprising and good as the 1st movie, but this was a good ending. If they didn’t cut the last book into 2 movies it would have been the best one but due to probably commercial and mojo reasons they did what they did, but for me cutting it into 2 only sacrificed the real beauty of a complete book in a movie.

My favorite part of the movie is the fight scene. It was fast, realistic, and extremely emotional. I can’t bear the thought and Meyer was so good making a climax. I also appreciate how the cast was introduced in the beginning from the font style and changing white into red. I also admire how they’ve replay all the cast since Movie 1 up to the end – it was respectful and just proper.

I still love the books more than the movies but I love that they still made the movie with the right casts.

Skyfall is a joke. They made a terrible villain so with that kind of protagonist any determined James Bond can easily beat. It was a shallow story but the stunts are great and Craig’s body and stand are great. The antics are cute and funny. It was okay; but it will never go to my favorite movie of all time. They made it real at the part when they failed to see that sending an incapable woman in the field endangers others. In real life, people make a wrong judgment on people – exactly just like that.