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[1: 787 of 10,000] The Movie Stars as Visual Aids

In Article on October 5, 2012 at 5:08 PM

I use movie stars as example because they are available point of reference. It isn’t gossiping all the time duh, just citing a possible closest example.

Take for instance talking about a man who is quite an eligible bachelor, ready to start a family, and yet not taking the plunge. Was it nerve? Was it issues on long term commitment? Or he has not found me yet? As Joan Rivers says, he is a man who will not give a golden ring in a woman’s finger. George Clooney is hot and single again.

Money can’t buy everything but it does can make anyone look age flawlessly beautiful. Jennifer Lopez gets smokier as she ages and richer. Find her old videos and photos and see how the makeup was done and how she’s styled. Amazing leap of difference and it’s good for her. She is an inspiration that beautiful thing can become more beautiful.

And won’t you agree that making them as visual aid makes it a very attractive presentation than quoting my next door neighbor who I can’t even pronounce his name.