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[1: 1,848 of 10,000] Seriously, Work Laptop At Home Again?

In Article on January 4, 2017 at 11:42 PM


It is truly a decision whether I am utilizing my work hours 100% on just work; or I astray and get distracted to lose focus and end up carrying my work laptop home.

There are so many times that I have carried that laptop bag only to not open it when I reach home even though I do have the intention because my body like a mobile device that found a charger… accepts only hibernation.

I applaud myself whenever I felt like I did my best at work, confirmed that it is worth leaving my laptop at the office, and I get home with a fresh mind. I need my free evening time so I can enjoy my dinner, I can blog, I can dream, I can write about my next book to publish, drink my tea peacefully, bathe leisurely, and then squeeze some essential household chores (wishing for a butler like what Bruce Wayne got).

As Emily Charlton said, “I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.”






[1: 1,579 of 10,000] I Just Got The Best Job I’ve Ever Had

In Article on September 4, 2015 at 9:52 PM

Yay CareerI finally land to the best job I’ve ever had in my life. I’m at the happiest of my adult life. I have been trying so hard to find the right company and could I just call it miraculously received but definitely not without me giving my part of the effort.

To everyone who is looking for a job, I would like to share my experience –

  1. I resigned from my previous job on February 2015 because I felt like I am slowly dying. I couldn’t find my joy, I felt stuck, I don’t feel inspired, and I couldn’t see myself growing anymore. Just the reason that I was dying must be the biggest clue that it was time to go. I have to be at peace. I am grateful for the things that I’ve learned and get ready to move forward.
  2. I search my heart about what would give me meaning. I have so much time being still, reading, listening, and then going back to being honest to myself of what do I want in life? I wanted to serve and I was lead to a company that I could do just that, a wonderful blessing to serve both internal and external clients!
  3. I tried directly applying to big companies who posted their opening and as much as I feel like I am a good candidate, I always fall short and have consistently received feedback that I didn’t make it. I was starting to get worried that nothing positive is happening but I kept trying to stay at peace and enjoy the rest and the search. I did cry several times when I am down but I didn’t stay defeated and always try new ways.
  4. It always worked for me that I send cold applications, meaning I go to a website with company directory and take their company name and email them my application with three job roles that I can perform. These directories usually share the email of the owners themselves. My tools are an effective cover letter and a creative curriculum vitae (CV). The impression that I show to my future employer is what can I do for the organisation and what I expect from them including boldly stating what the ideal compensation that I aim. I use words the way I speak and avoided all cliches. Before applying, I read articles most especially from Liz Ryan. Leaders who are interested to meet me is most likely the smart bosses that I want to follow and learn from.
  5. I am not really sure if CV photo meant a lot, I initially use a black and white photo but I didn’t get any respond but when I shifted to a coloured photo with a full honest smile on my face and wearing a smart black blazer and a collar with an attitude to match seemed to have worked instantly.
  6. I never settled for the first offer that came along. I also didn’t immediately settle with a company who didn’t appreciate my talent and doubted to trust me. I waited for the right one for me and that I was also right for them.
  7. I’ve always performed being a big fish in a small pond, I was worried to end up as a small fish in a big pond, and then it could happen that I was given the opportunity to be a big fish in a big pond. I am truly happy and excited.
  8. Positive attitude and my faith that God will lead me to the right company made all my job wish list possible. I got everything I’ve ever dream of. Before I go for an interview, I pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit that I may understand the questions and answer it in a way that the company would be impressed. The company that I got my eye on had me interviewed by five people and everybody liked me and I equally liked them. It was a match graced by the heaven.