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[1: 1,006 of 10,000] Ode to Saying #3 – I Wish I Am Happy

In Article on April 30, 2013 at 12:00 AM

John Lennon Saying

It is very important to me that I am happy and it starts with a smile.

The advantage for being an optimistic person is finding happiness on every simple thing and finding a way out from a gloomy state.

I got to admit that there are so many things that make me sad but I don’t dwell on them a lot, solve what is bothering me, and I made sure I lean on praying for wisdom or if it’s too much to carry.

A happy person can see the pureness of a real beauty, not the facade, but the real magic. John Lennon’s mom was right teaching him about happiness, no wonder he can feel so much emotion, and was able to inspire the world.