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[1: 888 of 10,000] Top 10 Things That Surprise Me of Jordan

In Review on January 5, 2013 at 5:20 PM

Jordan Surprises

  1. They have a lot of good looking Policemen and they know to effortlessly smolder. They looked like Italian runway models – fit and handsome. There seemed to be no crime at all so they are friendly and smiling all the time.
  2. The roads are very steep and amazed about the cars’ power to climb the road. It’ll take my breath away to drive there; it will possibly give me a heart attack.
  3. It looked like Tuscany, I love the trees and they have acorns that smell amazingly good.
  4. So cool to see a lot in trench coat and boots.
  5. Met 2 Jordanian Tourist Guides and they speak English so well. I am in love with their accent, charm, and eloquence.
  6. I like the cool weather of December.
  7. Lots of construction going on.
  8. Tiny stores in the metropolis and very few displays.
  9. The houses and buildings as ruled by the government to only use natural stones and it made the view so shabby chic.
  10. The natural resources are absolutely awe inspiring. There isn’t a lot of modernity but the old charm is priceless.

[1: 886 of 10,000] Jordan Wonders Make Me Think of God

In Photo on January 5, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Jordan is a beautiful country. The breathtaking views leads me to pray and thank God for the gift of keeping me in awe. If He can make such a marvelous sights, how much more a human who can live to live with it. Let the pictures do the talking…

Jordan 1

Jordan 2

Jordan 3

Jordan 4

Jordan 5

The last photo is writing my name on a yellow sand using a red sand. Amazing huh! Thank you Lord ♥


[1: 885 of 10,000] Trusting a Donkey for My Life

In Journal on January 4, 2013 at 8:55 PM

I never ride on a donkey before. They say going to the Monastery of Petra will take about 2 hours by walking (knowing my baby steps I might reach longer) and 30 minutes on a donkey. I want the experience and I don’t want to get so tired so I say here here for a donkey ride. With the spectacular view on the ground, I could only imagine what up ahead is something more grand I supposed.

Petra Donkey Experience 1The owner of the donkey instructed me with three things: (1) lean forward while going uphill, (2) relax, and (3) hold on the saddle. With the word relax, it sure made me a bit nervous; it means the fine animal would be able to sense what I feel and I was being optimistic the moment I rode on it all because I wasn’t expecting what the road looked like.

Petra Donkey Experience 2By the time we started the journey, it was okay. I hold on the saddle so hard. It was comforting to know that they say the donkey knew exactly the way and it knew the shortest way. I was thinking, the owner of the donkey will be holding my rope or he’ll be beside me throughout the journey, no no no I was alone and I guess I just let the donkey do its thing. I didn’t make sound, I didn’t direct it, I just let it walk.

Petra Donkey Experience 3Oh boy, it did know the shortcut of dying young!!! It liked the plane way even if it means it is the edge of the cliff. The way to the top was steep and scary. Going up costs JOD 15.00 and going down cost JOD 5.00 – I was holding to my life going up but I think going down with a donkey is a complete suicidal mission. I was holding my breath for the whole journey!!! I was so scared but I try to calm down, remember Rule No. 2 Relax. I kept saying to my donkey, “Don’t be competitive and just slow down.” I guess the fine animal absorbed my clumsiness because at one point it stumbled but got up just fine like nothing happened! I was in panic at that point but I kept my cool.

The greatest feeling was when I stepped down. Saved!

The view at the top was not disappointing at all but I would probably think a million times before I will ever do it again… trusting a donkey for my life.

[1: 884 of 10,000] I Almost Didn’t Leave Dubai for Jordan!!!

In Journal on January 3, 2013 at 5:43 PM

The crazy workaholic Yor was working until leaving home. We left at 5:30 AM as we expect our flight to leave at 8:45 AM. I am sorry that we can’t check-in online as it isn’t available for Fly Dubai’s Amman flight.

As soon as we reached Terminal 2 Dubai Airport, we were shocked to find out that the flight was changed to 11:00 AM. Since my vacation kicks in and my laptop was no where in sight, I bought myself a latte and though sleepy tried to read the news to kill time.

Starbucks Coffee While Waiting

As the time stroke 8:00 AM we went in to check-in our baggage and we can’t believe our biggest shock. The visa was written in Arabic and in good faith, we thought it is the right one…

The Jordan Consulate website says visa processing will take about 6 to 8 weeks. By October 11, 2012 we submitted the proper papers. We informed them that we are leaving on December 27th, 2012 and will return by January 2nd, 2013. According to the airline, the visa expired since November 11, 2012.

All our things were packed so we won’t accept not flying that day! Thank God that the Jordan Consulate is a bit close from the airport and we found a good taxi driver so we head straight to sort it out. We are really not taking no for an answer and we were willing to pay the processing fee just for us to catch our 11:00 AM flight. It was a very Amazing Race feel and after the consulate personnel flirted, teasing me that my application was rejected while my sisters were approved, and finally at the end giving me his digits especially after finding out I am single, with new 1-month visa, we head back fast to the airport.

Whew! It was an exhilarating experience. Vacation here we come! Thank God the flight was moved to 11:00 AM and we didn’t find out about it or else we’re absolutely screwed. Blessing.


[1: 883 of 10,000] Touchdown Dubai

In Journal on January 2, 2013 at 10:36 AM


I thank God for a great 6-day travel in Jordan with my beloved family.

I finally arrived Dubai this morning which I call my current home.

I can’t believed Christmas is over and here comes 2013!!!

New things I am looking forward to in terms of food, I am having a growing affection for freshly shucked oyster with vinegar & onion dip, smoked salmon, and champagne (thank goodness there’s Moet in the fridge waiting for me). Am I growing way too old too fast for this food choice?

I am sharing more of the Jordan trip on the following days from the time I almost didn’t make it to the day I trusted my life to a donkey (very ridonkeylous but living not on the edge is staying comfortably to ones comfort zone, which is not really good considering life is absolutely short and it ends)…

[1: 864 of 10,000] Is it a Red Bull Week?

In Journal on December 14, 2012 at 9:45 AM

I am behavely stopping myself from opening a can of Red Bull since I’ve worked overnight again. I am scheduled to do more works today but I am not complaining because I could smell the vacation at the end of the year!!! This month is packed with great things!!! I can’t help using exclamation marks too!!! 😀

XmasDecember 15 – Breakfast at the Beach to celebrate Mum’s Birthday!

December 16 – Dinner at Saffron’s in Atlantis to celebrate Sissy’s Birthday!

December 23 – Hopefully Christmas Vacation starts!!!

December 24 – Looking forward to a sumptuous dinner on Christmas Eve with the company of my loving sissies! ♥

December 25 – Happy Birthday Jesus!!! I am excited to open my gifts under the Christmas Tree! My birthday gift to Jesus is to be a better person for 2013 so I make Him smile everyday. 🙂

December 27 – Fly out to Jordan with family!!! 🙂 I need to shop for new coat and shoes!!!

December 31 – New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner at Kempinski Hotel Ishtar!!!

January 1 – Celebrate the beginning of the year traveling and come back to Dubai!

January 2 – Touchdown Dubai! Happy New Year 🙂