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[1: 1,862 of 10,000] The Man’s Perfect Journey

In Journal on January 15, 2017 at 8:48 PM


I used to think why do I practice for a school performance? I do it over and over again until the day of the presentation and then it’s done and I move on to the next project. Why all those efforts for the sake of perfection? Isn’t perfection really not the goal in life?

I’ve observed that other people’s pain and vulnerabilities when shared to the public is able to help especially when they’ve overcome their challenges. They even get very famous and very wealthy for being courageous and succeed multiple adversities. Effort to keep going forward is one of the keys.

I try to reflect. I did have my journey, a struggle, then I surpassed, and I felt proud and contented. I am not in my current struggle of being lost and I have to find my way to be the hero of my own story not at the expense of somebody else to blame, among other things of fighting unfairly. I need to find my voice but I have to be ready to build an inspiring story to tell. I am to honor the creativity as my gift.

I have to put a stop of my self-doubt and lack of confidence. I am only hurting myself. Make a plan and proceed to keep winning with great ideas and spreading love. I am not alone with this, I will never be. I can do this.

[1: 1,690 of 10,000] Work Right Now

In Article on February 27, 2016 at 9:56 AM

Work right now looked like this…

Work Right Now

It’s a lot. It’s variety. Thankfully I am now loving it. Consuming sweet coffee to stay awake and alert then on to reading, typing, creating, calling, whatsapping, negotiating, dining, learning, and the list goes on.

It was not easy; it was a journey to get to this level. To find my reason that will fuel my enthusiasm to accept the challenges, the imperfections, and the room for growth and ultimately a true business success. To hear the joy of my excitement to be accomplishing something amazing at the end of it; oh wait, it’s a living work, so it goes on and on with a journey that tells a story.

I started big, proud, then shy, unsure, folded, humiliated, attacked, questioned, then I get a hang of it, I gained momentum, I met beautiful people to learn from, and I am back with my confident self and more inspired than ever. Still discovering a good root to start to sustain the building inspiration that makes me excited to do my work, give my best, and finish. I like it that I work with joy and happy to be serving and helping and that one great way to start.

I am really enjoying every minute of it now. I face my challenges with such gusto. I finally found the hand gloves that fit me. It’s breathtakingly rewarding. The future is bright with lots of rewards.

[1: 1,496 of 10,000] You’re Judged From Your Last Performance

In Article on June 13, 2015 at 11:59 PM


Imagine a singing contest where participants are being judged on their recent performance and viewers will make a vote based on who stays.

In life, it’s kind of like that, not the part of being judged because we should never let anyone be judgmental of another person since we would never understand their personal journey (unless of course it is a constructive criticism, which is really necessary, or simply when our opinion is being asked); it’s the part when we show others who we are and we need to get better until the best of us is achieved.

We should never be complacent to do what we’ve always done, it’s best to grow, explore new territories, and never ever stop learning new skills and even being open to another point of view. It is easy to just show up, unprepared, or sloppy, but in every day that we wake up, we have to give our best shot with the aim of getting better every time. 😉

We can do this by giving our focus, practice, persevere, enrolling to a class, asking help from others, and also through reading and watching good materials. There are so many ways if we seek it and we truly want it. Let us all drop our excuses and have the courage to face each with a bright smile that the best is yet to come!

[1: 1,475 of 10,000] More People Look Happy

In Journal on May 23, 2015 at 10:17 PM


I am pretty happy that more people seemed to look happy. I am staying too long in Instagram where everything appeared to be glamorous, simple but fun, delicately staged but quite creative, and life is interpreted as special that’s full of wonders to be discovered and shared to the world.

It’s like the piece of movie that you get a glimpse but we all don’t know the story of the journey, that the photograph at the bottom left took more shots than one until this particular light in this particular filter was perfect for publication.

In life, we often do not know the struggle, the heartache, the pain, and we thought success is easy. If it’s easy, everybody will be successful, but it’s not because it entails not just love and passion, but the actual time and energy to devote and accomplish not one time but series of sweat and blood works that have ultimate directions.

I am really being silly right now in my life. I know what I want and I am completely screwed on how to get them. I couldn’t figure out the heavy blockage, and I am too anxious to calm down. I am scared that if I don’t figure this out, I am going to lose my mind, yes that’s the worse that could happen.

I am still begging for miracle for the final week of May 2015. I hope one day, (which I’m sure it will certainly happen, I know it in my soul) I will read this post again and laugh at myself with all these confusions and utter with the sweetest smile and say, “God, you’ve always got my back, thank you and I love you too.”