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[1: 2,053 of 10,000] Pausing To Savor

In Journal on February 22, 2021 at 9:54 PM

I’ve noticed that lately I no longer rush and surrender to the demand of others to suit their time but instead I honor my own rhythm in the name of my sanity and joy. When I started my journey of loving myself unconditionally, the world cooperates to delight me.

When I seat down for a meal, there’s grace in me savoring the different ingredients that I could taste. I now nourish my body with intention and marvel to the fact that I have delicious food, I have the energy to feed myself and I’m grateful to all the beautiful Spirits that made it happened.

Learning to revere stillness invites me to be grateful to the simplicity of life’s magic. I have some pots with soil in our apartment and my sister suggested that I plant the tomato seeds in there. Everyday we water the soil and soon after tiny plant starts to emerge and they’re so cute. The growing vegetable are giving us a beautiful surprise every waking day.

I’m in my fourth year of writing at least one sentence a day of what I’m grateful for and it feels rewarding to be alive. I know there’s growing pain but there are more happiness if I am deliberate to focus on what makes me feel good. I do make plans in the future, setting up personal chats with people I really like, doing something for the first time for experience sake, and there’s more excitement waiting for the day that it’ll come. It’s very satisfying to pen in activities that makes me smile.

When I hear other people who are not gentle or kind on themselves, I can really sense it now, because I’ve been that. There are times that I still fall apart but I’m better at healing myself, naming what I’m really mad about and then I be quiet coyote to listen to my heart. My heart knows everything about me, what’s good for me, what my next move is, and when to simply relax and feel the moment.

I hurt a nerve in my back today after trying out a kick-boxing exercise from an Instagram video. My body that didn’t visit gym for months was shocked and completely snapped at me. It’s serious because there are certain positions in the middle of the day that I couldn’t breathe easily and yet it didn’t deter me to stay optimistic and I’m confident that my body is intelligent enough to heal itself. Body ailment is a good indicator that pause is exactly what’s needed. It made me reflect too about the things that I could easily do and have taken for granted when I’m incapable of freely moving without struggle. If I couldn’t breathe, I may just call it ‘a life’ and be cremated; but I know it’s not yet time and I’ll keep on insisting to this life that I will live my life, my perfect blend of story and maybe blog about it every once in while.

[1: 1,787 of 10,000] The Greatest Gift You Can Give To The World Seems Selfish But It’s Not

In Article on October 30, 2016 at 11:30 PM

The greatest gift that you can give to the world seems selfish but it’s really not because the answer is doing what you love, what makes you feel alive, and what you know in your soul is right, despite the fears, the doubts, and all the challenges that hinder you to pursue it and live it.

Do what you LOVE

I am not simply calling it your passion, it’s not necessarily what everybody thinks is obvious, but it is something that gives you joy, to still have the energy to pour even if you think you’ve depleted all the ounce of will power from your body, because it is your endowed calling or having to live a purposeful life.

It could be this journey for this season, another path for another time, but always it makes you feel alive. Even without knowing, you invite people to thank you for just living your life with love, and even without intending, you are making the world better than you found it.

Without honoring the call, you lose the appetite to get up in the morning, you speak without substance, you breathe without jubilance, and it doesn’t only harm you but it radiates sadness into the world. So stop! I invite you to live your dream without buts, the excuse of when it’s the right time, because the right time will always be keep moving towards it every single day, baby steps as it may be but you got to accomplish one baby step at a time, until you’ve reached it.

Unfold the dream that was planted into your soul, realize and live it. Go on, it’s in there, you don’t need to live a life full of hate, sadness, resentment, judgment, because when you’re happy everyday, you open your heart to love others and everything around you. Solutions emerge instead of more problems to solve; compassion and forgiveness are exercised and positive vibe spreads, roots, and stays to let another love blooms and breed.

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[1: 1,735 of 10,000] Happiest I’ve Ever Been

In Journal on June 27, 2016 at 12:00 AM


The best part of living for me right now is catching when do I feel most alive.

It is when I love what I am doing from mundane to challenging.

Planning a vacation with my travel buddy.

Being in a vacation!

Sweating and day dreaming that helps me shed some weight.

Grateful for the comfort that I enjoy.

Thanking God every bit of time that I feel the utmost peace and pure bliss.

Listen and watch and be inspired!

Sing and dance without any inhibition.

A really good bath and a hearty meal

Cozy in my warm bed in a well ventilated room.

Waking up with a beautiful dream.

View of the city lights before I sleep.

Wake up and be greeted by a happy sunshine.

Giving everything I got and yet never feeling like I am left with nothing.

[1: 1,690 of 10,000] Work Right Now

In Article on February 27, 2016 at 9:56 AM

Work right now looked like this…

Work Right Now

It’s a lot. It’s variety. Thankfully I am now loving it. Consuming sweet coffee to stay awake and alert then on to reading, typing, creating, calling, whatsapping, negotiating, dining, learning, and the list goes on.

It was not easy; it was a journey to get to this level. To find my reason that will fuel my enthusiasm to accept the challenges, the imperfections, and the room for growth and ultimately a true business success. To hear the joy of my excitement to be accomplishing something amazing at the end of it; oh wait, it’s a living work, so it goes on and on with a journey that tells a story.

I started big, proud, then shy, unsure, folded, humiliated, attacked, questioned, then I get a hang of it, I gained momentum, I met beautiful people to learn from, and I am back with my confident self and more inspired than ever. Still discovering a good root to start to sustain the building inspiration that makes me excited to do my work, give my best, and finish. I like it that I work with joy and happy to be serving and helping and that one great way to start.

I am really enjoying every minute of it now. I face my challenges with such gusto. I finally found the hand gloves that fit me. It’s breathtakingly rewarding. The future is bright with lots of rewards.

[1: 1,672 of 10,000] Hi 2016, Nice To Meet You

In Journal on January 1, 2016 at 10:39 AM

New Year

It’s exciting because today is the beginning of a new set wherein air is filled with love, hope, and joy. We could make each day like a New Year where we become conscious of what we do, there is lightness to truly live in the present, to make an effort to achieve great things even if they are baby steps, and laugh the comedy but without discounting to learn the lesson.

  1. It’s a year where I will serve with my heart and be diligent with the right path.
  2. 2016 is a fantastic year that I will make a business empire come true with my sisters.
  3. It’s time to write another book.
  4. Blog daily (hopefully).
  5. Healthy mojo.
  6. Hungry to keep on learning.
  7. Pray daily. I couldn’t emphasize enough how God has shown me love and support throughout my life. Prayer is my way to be in touch with Him and it helps me to feel grounded and at peace.
  8. Room for romance with someone single, smart, talented, confident, successful, and kind.
  9. Cheers for new experience.

Yay! Does those look like a commitment for 2016? I’ll keep life simple, easy, and definitely enjoyable.

Thank you and ciao 2015! Hi 2016, nice to meet you! 🙂

[1: 1,653 of 10,000] Let Joy Flowing

In Poem on November 16, 2015 at 6:30 AM


Let joy flowing

Why do you have to stop?

Why do you have to complicate things?

Keep joy flowing

As the sun always rises

As the moon never failed to exists

Make joy flowing

Because you’re an artist

Because you’re a co-creator

Be the joy flowing

To marvel in this life

To have reasons to smile

You’re a joy flowing

If you let it be

If you live in the present

[1: 1,643 of 10,000] Jumping Gives Me Joy

In Journal on November 6, 2015 at 8:18 AM

Watch this video, I know it looks beautiful because it’s the luxurious Burberry, but strip off the brand, the famous people in it, and focus on their smiles, the music, and the jumping –

What do you feel?

I will share you what I feel. I feel freaking amazing and joyful. I love to jump in my apartment. Whenever I feel like I am not alive, I jump. When I got a good news, I jump. When I am bored, I jump. When I want to create joy, I jump.

I love feeling my feet get lifted from the ground. I love how my hair flip here and there. I love how my heart becomes in motion.

Do you love to jump?

[1: 1,578 of 10,000] When I’m Happy

In Poem on September 3, 2015 at 11:25 PM
Happy People


When I’m happy…
Sad songs doesn’t make me sad
I see people’s good heart shining through
Smile automatically appears from me
Couldn’t stop thanking God
Everything becomes beautiful
Warm sunlight becomes kisses
I don’t understand impossible
All dreams can come true
My heart and soul expand
Miracles are continuously pouring
Extra kinder becomes easier
Compassionate and emphatic become natural
I could hug everyone
I see no fault from anyone
I forgive everybody
I pray love, peace, and joy for everyone
Courage takes over fear
Hope not suffering is a threshold
Right now is what living is all about

It’s freaking amazing that I gain my footing in getting happier and at peace everyday. I am so grateful and I am seeing the glimpse of what I have been reading so much for so long from those who were able to find this place. It’s a beautiful state and I wanted everyone to live this way. 🙂

[1: 1,575 of 10,000] Getting These Three Lessons Make My Life More Than OK

In Journal on August 31, 2015 at 10:53 AM


The greatest three lessons I’ve learned so far that is making my life more than just OK but perfectly and continuously poured with love, peace, and joy –

First – God’s love is so huge, immeasurable, yet He knows the special needs of each individual in the world.

That is how powerful God is! There are moments that I feel like I needed a special attention because in my opinion I have a very special need, everybody at some points wants to feel special, and because our God is so mighty, He is capable of giving just that if I ask, if I communicate.

God is never tired to wait for me and see me grow in baby steps every day. If I humble myself and seek for His guidance, He reveal His love and the Holy Spirit helps me with utmost love and care.

Second – I must have good intentions for others all the time and be grateful for the good I see in them.

The moment I start thinking the wrong path, I don’t feel good inside. I feel like an arrogant person who don’t want to receive the miracle of God. Whatever I wish on others, I wish for myself, so why would I want to wish myself bad things.

It’s like throwing a knife above my head, up in the air, hoping it hit the person who’s upsetting me but the law of gravity clearly demonstrates that it will come back down and hit ME! Once a knife hits me, I will bleed and it’s not the perfect way to live. I would rather throw good wishes or it’s like throwing confettis in the air where it touches the person I wished, it touches somebody else around, and it touches me; now that’s magical.

Third – I exist to enjoy life, create what I love with my best, and share.

I am capable to do what I am supposed to do, it will be definitely something I love and it will definitely make someone’s life better; but the real challenge is I have to accept the responsibility and actually do something. I used to question what is my purpose in life and since I didn’t stop moving forward, I continue appreciating life as it unfolds, then I get glimpses of where I should be headed. Where am I especially if I find peace within me is exactly where I am supposed to be and I got to give my absolute best.

With these three lessons I am immensely grateful.

[1: 1,536 of 10,000] Thank You Joyce Meyer

In Journal on July 23, 2015 at 1:38 PM

Joyce MeyerI have recently been watching the videos of Joyce Meyer from Youtube and I like her. She’s introducing God to me in a way that made me feel whole, confident, and truly loved. It all started when one day I was browsing at the bookstore and then I found and bought her book “Let God Fight Your Battles” and from then on I look her up online and found her videos, which turned out to be inspiring.

Through her constant ministry that GOD is powerful, loving, and has boundless understanding, my past lunacies became irrelevant.

Lunacy 1: I used to think I am a sinner, I don’t do anything right, hence I deserve to go to hell. -Jesus, the devil definitely rejoiced when I have those thoughts when I was younger. It’s not about bravery to go to hell since GOD never wants anything but for me to be loved and enjoy, and hell is nothing close to love and joy. Yes, I have to endure some crucial transformations, it is hard as God is changing me, but the destination is being with him and it’s perfectly magnificent. I was giving up to just say it was better in hell because I was not feeling God in me and I didn’t want to change; but now I know who to trust, definitely not myself, but God.

Lunacy 2: I can’t hear GOD. -Yet all I ever need to do is RELAX and read the scripture so the Holy Spirit will annoint me that I understand God’s will, or if I don’t get it at all, to remain faithful and continue to do good. God is always with me and whatever it is that I do to strengthened me isn’t for God, but it’s all for me. I pray, I read the bible, I do good, and not because it will add up to God but because it is what I need. God loves me even if he knows I’ll falter again, that’s why he sent Jesus to pay for my sins. All I need is to go back, confess, and be determined to live right.

Lunacy 3: I have to solve my problem and I have no time to rejoice. -This is the most beautiful lesson I learned from Joyce, and she said that while God is working on my problem, I can be joyful! Now, instead of being misserable, pouting, venting, doing self-pity, or exuding negative attitude, I speak, “I love you God, Thank you God for the blessings. You are almighty and please take my worries away. Annoint me to do what I can right now to serve you.” I got the permission to be happy, because when I am happy, good things keep on happening, even in adversity, life is still filled with hope, love, and peace.