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[1: 1,811 of 10,000] The World Needs More Kindness

In Article on November 22, 2016 at 7:03 AM


Do you see how mean we are with one another and to ourselves? Where is kindness in all these pictures?

In driving alone, you’ll pick up evidence of ruthlessness. A car at the fast lane flashes his lights so the car in front of him move quickly away only for him to switch lane after twenty meters in the first place. Driving irresponsibly not thinking about his own safety and of others.

At work, we play our power so well that we forget that there is a human being across the table. We like to get ahead at the expense of someone.

We bashed ourselves with the imperfections that we possess.

Kindness is not a sign of weakness, may we have more strength to exercise it.

[1: 1,646 of 10,000] It Is One of Those Days

In Journal on November 9, 2015 at 7:17 AM

Sleeping Baby

It is one of those days when I needed three more hours of uninterrupted sleep. To lounge and stretch in my comfy bed. To enjoy not doing and worrying about anything.

Then I hear a podcast about church as told by Steve Chalke and it is inspiring, realistics, challenging but possible to serve others. I reminded myself that I needed to bathe and prepare for work where I can serve.

Is it weird or is it me that I am sensing something from my colleagues who don’t seem to appreciate the works that they do? They forget why they do it. They think blurting they are bored, would rather have tea, and trying to fit me in their notion is really going to work well. Is it one of those seasons that we speak our story even if they are not nurturing?

I bend my knees and pray. When I pray, I have this sudden surge of gladness that would keep me energised for the day. It is all I wanted, to get through the day with wonderful and loving thoughts toward everybody. It is not too much to ask. Definitely not too much to ask.

[1: 1,512 of 10,000] Have Courage And Be Kind

In Poem on June 29, 2015 at 9:54 PM

It would be kind to say I am sorry

It would be kind to say I forgive you

It would be kind to pray for your happiness

It would be kind to wish for your success

It would be courageous to be your friend

It would be courageous to be your support

It would be courageous to build trust

It would be courageous to truly love you

Courage & Kindness

[1: 1,435 of 10,000] Cinderella (2015) 2 Overemphasised Life Lessons

In Review on April 13, 2015 at 1:40 PM

Cinderella Movie Ticket I watched Cinderella last Friday. I was initially hesitant to see it because it’s a Disney movie, it always have the same plot, happy family, parents died, evil stepmother and stepsisters were mean, Cinderella met the Prince Charming and they’ve lived happily ever after, of course with climax of the famous royal ball. The truth is there wasn’t a good seat for Furious 7 so I finally give in to Cinderella because deep within me, the child and the romantic in me, was still curious to see the 2015 version.

The movie house was packed, with kids and adults. It kept me wondering why would adult men, no sister or little girls with them, go see the movie? These are my crazy questionable hunch: Was it because of Cinderella’s cleavage or simply the beauty of Lily James (probably a fan of Downton Abbey)? Were they gay or just in touch with their feminine side? Were they like me who couldn’t get a better seat for Furious 7? Were they part of the open minded men who were there to watch a fairytale taking it for its artistry or cinematic soul and let’s face it, the visual effects were amazing?! Or were they simply curious of who this Cinderella is or it wouldn’t hurt to find out how a Charming Prince acts?

The movie was amazing and it was fun hearing the children gasp and clap for the magical parts. I love the acting and it may be a short scene for Helena Bonham Carter a.k.a. The Fairy Godmother but she made it worked with her charm and humour! Cate Blanchett nailed the bad stepmother, a fashionable bitch with red lipstick. I am not sure if the kids grasp it but the story actually dealt with real human emotions and pains, the lines delivered in the scenes: father & daughter, stepdaughter & stepmother, and most especially the close to truth sentiments of Ella when her father passed away and her new family abused her by treating her as maid when in fact she has better claim of that house.

I love the 2 important life lessons in the movie, if you’ve seen the movie, it may be a little annoying that they have repeated it excessively, (1) have courage, and (2) be kind. Was it the movie’s aim to brainwash kids to remember those nice life lessons as soon as they leave the cinema? It is indeed a great reminder and a beautiful lessons to live by.

For cutesy sake, go watch it! The Ever After (1998) by Drew Barrymore was much more fierce and funny but the magic of true love (chemistry is believable between Ella and The Prince), their full-lenght dance at the ball, and the magical transformation of the pumpkin, her dress, and the sparkling glass slipper, were worth seeing and supported!

[1: 117 of 10,000] A Little Help

In Journal on February 27, 2011 at 5:41 AM

When I was in the Philippines, I’m not sure if I go to the ATM a lot but old ladies usually seek my help to operate it for them, even pressing those pin code myself. It must be my angelic face that they let me in to their trust zone or they’re just desperate and I’m the only one available to help 😀

I am very understanding that not all people can keep up with the modern changes even I didn’t seat down and learn everything about my iPod that’s why I don’t mind sharing my time, knowledge, and being nice to a stranger.

The act of kindness doesn’t end at that moment, it lasts for a long time of inspirations, it’s not just helping those grannies but it helped my heart to feel good about myself. It’s an act that showers both the receiver and the giver ♥

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