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[1: 1,033 of 10,000] Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

In Photo on May 28, 2013 at 12:00 AM

My last week was filled with blues. I broke down and cried in front of a stranger (at least someone I don’t completely trust with my life). He said I broke his heart for seeing me crying and for I admitting that I am sad, stupid, and disappointed. It is sinking in that I am not happy with my work, it is starting to reflect all over my face, and if only I can afford I am surely quitting my job instantly.

I didn’t actually pack my things to escape life but I get on a 4×4 land cruiser and hit the Dubai desert for a quick safari. It was the first time that I appreciated wearing seat belt to ensure I don’t hit my head as we slope down and face the creamy sands right in front of the car. It was not as scary and exhilarating as riding a donkey beside a cliff in Jordan or taking a roller coaster ride but for a while it was an adventure and an experience.

All I can say during the whole ride was “weeeeee!!!” with a smile. 🙂

Escape 1

Escape 2