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[1: 1,704 of 10,000] Rules Can Be Bent

In Article on May 10, 2016 at 12:35 AM


Yes, rules are important to have order in life.

Certain places are marked for entry and exit. Imagine if we all force ourselves to enter a road where everyone is going out, it would be chaos. Rules are set to maintain order and prevent accidents.

And yet, we can bend rules. We can persevere to find a loophole in order to win, in order to change what could have always been, and if our cause is good then it is all right but what if it’s not? How will we justify something so wrong and we feel passionate about it to make it happen; like NO is your answer but wait for it that I’ll change your mind until you say YES.

Where do we draw the line? It was not logic but discrimination against colored people existed in some countries and it was perceived to be right by the white. Where is the saving grace?

FORGIVENESS. It is in forgiveness that we acknowledge something had happened but we accept the repentance, we believed we are not always strong, wise, and right, we learn, and then we move forward.

[1: 1,532 of 10,000] When To Bend The Rules

In Article on July 19, 2015 at 2:09 PM

Bending The Rules

Do you ever recognise in the movie that there are certain parts where a character bends a rule and it makes you say “awwwww.”

I am obsessed with order, process, system, and law; but the law part really is questionable when it is not trustworthy.

So when should a rule be bent?

  1. When it gets to help a soul.
  2. It’s the right thing to do despite the consequence from a human’s law.
  3. 10 years from now, it will not matter you broke the rule.
  4. 100 years from now, breaking the rule was the only thing that really mattered.

If there are laws that we should always oblige, it is God’s words. He gave us 10 commandments or even summarized into 2 to keep it simple. Love God and love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

It always boils down to doing what is right and if in case we fail, then we get back up, repent, let go, and do it better.

“May the Holy Spirit gives us the wisdom to know if it’s time to break the rule and which rule needs to be broken.”