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[1: 1,827 of 10,000] Have You Learn Something Today?

In Journal on December 3, 2016 at 8:04 PM



I have the habit of feeling really bored in a day and look through my smart phone for a boost of inspiration or if I am being honest to hopefully see something interesting that would let me drift to day dreaming and escape reality. My dream last night was running away from aliens and that is not looking very optimistic.

If we want to be serious with our life, we have to be responsible and learn something new everyday and make some better change. I am promising myself that I won’t wait for people to do me things but if I can do it (unless I can wing it otherwise) then it’s my responsibility.

It’s a good goal to learn everyday that would lead to living an improved life. Learn and take action because there is no point of keep filing the brain if the hands don’t move. Perseverance.


[1: 1,745 of 10,000] What Have You Learned Today?

In Article on July 6, 2016 at 9:22 PM

If we want to see improvement in our life, it is crucial to answer this question everyday – What have I learn today?

I learn that I cannot just wing water colouring. Whenever I search for watercolour arts in google or in Pinterest, they are very pretty, notice that from my previous posts, I have used quite a lot, just a little bit obsessed. I thought it would be good to also try and make one for myself.

I went to a stationery store and picked what I think are good materials, a watercolour paper from Japan, a 12 colour watercolours from Italy, and a pretty good looking brush that doesn’t looked cheap. After those materials, all I need it to make my hand and brain do the magic.

My two attempts were not very satisfactory that I could use it and share to the world. Well for the sake of having a photo for this post, here was my second try where I was aiming for something casual and simple.


I really have that spark of hope that I can magically do a good artwork. Although regardless of the poor outcome, I quite enjoyed every stroke of colours almost therapeutic. It’s just not a work of a master today but I can always try again.

[1: 1,732 of 10,000] Nothing Personal

In Poem on June 24, 2016 at 12:47 AM

Cute Monk

Hush now heart, mind, and soul
It is nothing personal when you are being attacked
Human is scared and protects himself

Love and love even more
Love and love anyway
Despite and amidst the hatred, fight with love

Watch the crippling anger
Pause, let it go, and don’t go back
Don’t let it grow, put it into a halt

Find the centre, the quiet, the peaceful
It exists, in meditation or prayer
Mostly in the act of kindness and forgiveness

Enjoy LIFE
Have courage to be silly, laugh
Do what’s best everyday and learn, that is all that is.

[1: 1,496 of 10,000] You’re Judged From Your Last Performance

In Article on June 13, 2015 at 11:59 PM


Imagine a singing contest where participants are being judged on their recent performance and viewers will make a vote based on who stays.

In life, it’s kind of like that, not the part of being judged because we should never let anyone be judgmental of another person since we would never understand their personal journey (unless of course it is a constructive criticism, which is really necessary, or simply when our opinion is being asked); it’s the part when we show others who we are and we need to get better until the best of us is achieved.

We should never be complacent to do what we’ve always done, it’s best to grow, explore new territories, and never ever stop learning new skills and even being open to another point of view. It is easy to just show up, unprepared, or sloppy, but in every day that we wake up, we have to give our best shot with the aim of getting better every time. 😉

We can do this by giving our focus, practice, persevere, enrolling to a class, asking help from others, and also through reading and watching good materials. There are so many ways if we seek it and we truly want it. Let us all drop our excuses and have the courage to face each with a bright smile that the best is yet to come!