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[1: 1,888 of 10,000] What My 37 Year Old Self Is Still Learning

In List on July 4, 2017 at 12:01 PM
  1. I do the work and the worry will dissipate.
  2. Do not stop until I finish the task to avoid procrastination. To have the discipline to focus on one task at a time because although multi-tasking can be done, I couldn’t depend on it resulting to a quality work.
  3. Mastery takes time; it takes repetition and doing it better than the last time, showing up, be creative to mix a new ingredient, and keep the burning passion alive.
  4. Who are you trying to please? Work that God is cheering on me, the God who loves me unconditionally and directs me to my best with my willingness. Listen to constructive criticism and forgive the wrong critiques.
  5. Make mistakes, laugh at them, be accountable, and learn not to repeat them. Don’t be too hard on myself because if tomorrow I wake up, it is for a reason.
  6. It’s not because it has always been done means it’s the right way. Life continues to evolve to a new height. I don’t need to expect myself to be married and have kids now; but I do need to work on building a business empire with my sisters.
  7. I know what makes me happy, gives me excitement, and joy. They are clues to MY path. I should do them more often even if it scares me, even if there’s a revolt going on inside of me, and make a mastery out of it. I must do this for me and the world will appreciate it that I did it with love.
  8. What breaks my heart points me to what I want this world to heal from. Put seeds in those areas and let it grow.
  9. Live a life with integrity. Honor my words and commitment. Show up to new things even if I am scared. Be the change I want to see. Leave this world better than I found it.
  10. Meaningful relationship will enrich my life and I have to make an effort to build them.
  11. Teach people how I want to be treated like setting the boundary and say yes if it’s a yes.
  12. Don’t judge people in cluster, judge based on personal contact. Don’t put the label before I have given myself a chance to know the person.
  13. I need to slow down, sleep well, eat right, exercise, and keep learning new things through books, podcast, videos, and going out there to live a life. I pray to talk to God to send my thoughts but it is through my quietness and meditation that He sends His.
  14. Simplify and stop buying stuffs that either get thrown or not used. Learn to be a minimalist.
  15. Of all my confusion and clutter, I withdraw them and surrender to the moment that I find peace and I am contented that I have one thing to be grateful for.

[1: 1,879 of 10,000] Learning Failure

In Journal on May 20, 2017 at 11:00 PM

I am avoiding making mistakes; then I forego the notion of daring the unknown. I am afraid that outside my comfort zone is equivalent to I am a failure. Yet the itch of not growing shouts so loud from my core.

I am avoiding disagreement with anyone; then I settle to being silent and not seeing the change of getting the present situation to improve for the better. I am afraid that I will not be heard and that my ideas are but a failure.

Will I stay afraid? I don’t want to not use my freedom to be great. I will entertain failure as my teacher. I will embrace mistakes so I may blossom.

Tonight I will sleep and when I see the sun rises tomorrow when I become awake, it is my sign that I have another chance to live life with courage.

[1: 1,718 of 10,000] What I Know For Sure Right Now

In Journal on June 10, 2016 at 12:39 AM


With the new age on the bag and considering today’s life landscape, let me see a round-up of what I believe I now know, not necessarily the same as yours, but it would be interesting to see that we share the same. 😉

  1. Occurence of depressed thoughts are exactly a good reason to self-reboot meaning get good ample sleep everyday, take a vacation without thinking about work, laugh, connect with people by starting with family, friends, loved ones, and then extend further by serving the community. I need to replenish myself with love so I can share it to others, which in turn comes back as love to me again, it just grows bigger and bigger.
  2. Be responsible to always learn new things, to honour my word, to accomplish what I’ve started, and to them with kindness and passionate desire out of love.
  3. Know who am I serving and what for. Work is great but sometimes it gets boring, I feel that I am not appreciated and yet I am not always gracious to accept compliments; so I go back to the basic, I serve because it helps for the greater good and when I do my “best” I honour the gifts that God has given me to utilise as it turned out it will eventually give me fulfillment and advance my skills and growth as a human being.
  4. So what if I don’t succeed when I try? It is a lot more dangerous to be falling into being fearful all the time that hinders me to take action, so my thinking is failing shows what way doesn’t lead to success, so I try again.
  5. I am a procrastinator so I have to discipline myself not to move to another task unless I am done. Like while I’m typing this post, I shouldn’t be checking my social media accounts.
  6. When social media which is the source of instant gratification through likes from connections don’t even pleasure you anymore, it is probably time to either read a new book, listen to podcast, or watch insightful videos like Ted Talks.
  7. Surround myself amongts great people not just intellectually but with kind and generous human beings.
  8. Travel and do something that shakes you.
  9. Stay positive, be grateful, be responsible of my thoughts, and leave this world better than I found it by thinking more than just my own well-being.
  10. If you know love, you’ve met God.

[1: 1,705 of 10,000] I Almost Die Today

In Journal on May 13, 2016 at 9:20 PM

I love eating and watching television and who knew it could actually kill you!


I was enjoying a mouthful of food and watching one of my ultimate favourite television series, Top Gear UK (with Jeremy, James, and Richard) from Netflix and a scene where James slipped from a wood plank in Bolivia just chocked me because I laughed so hard.

It was my first time to experience chocking and I really don’t know what to do except for the fact that I have to stop laughing and clear the air passage so I can breathe. If I was not able to recover I could have died on a Friday the 13th, how very mysterious, hilarious, and lame.

Lesson learned: Never eat while watching a funny show. 😛

I will still watch Top Gear until I finish all the shows that I have not seen. A little accident will not traumatise me. 😀

[1: 1,687 of 10,000] The Good & The Bad

In List on February 12, 2016 at 10:16 AM


I am so happy to the new lesson that I’ve learned this week… I shall love the good and the bad in me. It’s not about being tolerant of my bad behaviour but more still loving my weaknesses that I fumble and I believe I do so because I needed others to be my strength on those parts. Isn’t that wonderful?

I am not going to hurt myself by being harsh on the things that I can never be good at but treat it with kindess and gentleness that I am not a perfect being and that’s absolutely all right.

Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert, Liz explained it so well in her facebook post so better read hers first before moving on to my list below –

  • I love the part of me who is ashamed that I wasn’t always prepared with my work assignments and embarrass myself infront of my bosses.
  • I love the part of me who is worried of the million things that could go wrong.
  • I love the part of me who is clueless about what others are truly feeling and I judge them incessively.
  • I love the part of me who is egotistical.
  • I love the part of me who wanted to be lazy and sleep all day.
  • I love the part of me who is guessing and cross my fingers that they work. Yay!
  • I love the part of me who wants to control everything.
  • I love the part of me who has opinion on everything and have a blatant way of saying it.
  • I love the part of me who kept missing sleeping on my bed everynight and wonder why I feel tired the following day.
  • I love the part of me who loves food and admits that I am fat.

[1: 1,684 of 10,000] Why So Serious?

In Journal on February 5, 2016 at 10:24 AM

Why So Serious

Why so serious?

Lighten up and it’s okay if it’s not perfect.

Yes, I am reminding myself and quite proud that I am starting to be softer to my imperfections because I know that I am growing better every single day. Baby steps!

Did you ever join a performance? I was studying in a Chinese school in elementary and we were requested by the town that we would be performing a Chinese dance during one of the festivals. We practised so much to make sure that we’ll be amazing and there was a mishap and yet we’re okay. It’s okay that it’s not always perfect! We actually got away with it, but we knew we screw up a little.

Be intensed, the right amount of intensity.

Tap yourself on the back when you’ve managed to smile and accomplish something today.

Yay life! Yay I live!

[1: 1,683 of 10,000] The Path

In List on February 5, 2016 at 7:56 AM

The Path

The path –

  1. Ponder for a plan, a great goal.
  2. Start moving towards the realisation.
  3. Stumble, make mistakes, and always enjoy the journey.
  4. Pause, rest, and admire where it’s all been.
  5. Move again.
  6. Share, mentor, and be grateful.
  7. Repeat, improve, and challenge to get elevated in every new plan.

And it’s that simple but not as easy. Along the way, I needed to put all these magical ingredients –

  1. Believe on myself.
  2. Have faith for a higher order of things and learn to surrender about the result.
  3. Pour love, dedication, and time.
  4. Learn and work with others, but never forget my own personal journey that only I can sense it.

Live gregariously! No self-doubt, no hesitation, and no giving up.

What are we waiting for? 😉

[1: 1,624 of 10,000] My Fortune Cookie Speaks Of The Past

In Journal on October 19, 2015 at 11:29 PM

Fortune Cookie

I had dinner with colleagues last night and my fortune cookie says “I should not forget the lessons from the past.” It made me smirk ever since I was so focused about living in the present.

After much contemplation, especially when the most senior in the group commented that it’s nice, it made me wonder why couldn’t I see the beauty of the wisdom? Am I trying so hard of starting over that I am beginning to forget about my past? Or have I reached the peace of living in the present that I brush off dwelling intently on the past?

Nothing in this world is coincidence, there are reasons why I kept getting messages because it is what I’ve been sending out or subconsciously seeking.  Yay cookie talk!

[1: 1,494 of 10,000] The Person I Need To Let Go

In Journal on June 11, 2015 at 4:39 PM

I am a person with the greatest talent for detachment when I don’t want someone or something anymore but for the first time there is one person that nags me. I don’t like to create a story for something that is isn’t but could he possibly be my greatest demon? Did I nurture him and now I couldn’t let go despite the fact that he’s spitting on my face (not literally of course).

Was he a project that I should properly resolve? Or is it just me who is trying to connect so hard for a chain that was never there in the beginning. I couldn’t possibly meet all the people in the world then this one person should not matter, and yet this one person holds a place in me. I find that very weird, almost disturbing, because it’s a new experience.

This is probably one of my mysteries, which I am excited to figure out someday. Right now, I could no longer entertain any memories, thoughts, and hopes that my relationship with him is anything that what it already is, THE PAST.

Happily let go Yor, it’s okay, the lesson that you were supposed to acquire was done. There were too much hurting, both deceits and betrayals, it is not worth keeping it.

Let Go

[1: 1,489 of 10,000] Love People Even More

In Poem on June 6, 2015 at 11:01 AM

Love is gentle

Love is kind

Love rejoices to others’ triumphs

Love is humble

Love honours others

Love is generous

Love is calm

Love remembers others’ goodness

Love is truth

Love protects

Love trusts

Love hopes

Love perseveres

God is love