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[1: 1,413 of 10,000] Careful When Citing Example

In Article on March 15, 2015 at 10:04 AM

One’s writing requires integrity. In these days of Internet where people find it fun to quote someone’s story is quite easy, some writers even commit the mistake of putting unsuspecting fraud in their book, like for instance Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong

He proved in action that he was a champion for 7 consecutive times in a cycling competition, which we later find out that he was using drugs to actually make that happen. We believed he is capable, with the additional sensational story that he was battling an illness. It is quite disappointing to cite supposedly great people to inspire us all that we can do the impossible; I remember one book that I adore that cited Lance as an example and for a bit to me the author loses its credibility. It is difficult to know for sure that people are who we perceived to be. Heck even our own perceptions change depending on own current circumstance! So what do we do? We just need to be forgiving. We all make mistakes and only through making a lot of mistakes (hopefully not the same holes over and over) that give us the insights and right instincts.

What do we come up with the Armstrong story? Yes we couldn’t forget that he was doping and lying but someday, someone really great, an honest to goodness cyclist could prove that winning Le Tour de France for even more than 7 consecutive times is possible – maybe soon! Or we could believe in ourselves that we don’t always need other people to strive harder for greatness, we just need to believe in ourselves, we are a miracle individually, imagine a tiny sperm and egg cells united and boom you are developed into a beautiful human being, that should be a great basis for greatness and what we do everyday should be a testament to honouring our way to greatness. I’m saying way because unless we live to serve with true love, then reexamine why do you exist at all.


[1: 1,367 of 10,000] Brutally Honest

In Article on November 16, 2014 at 1:18 AM


  1. If you complain about your job but never quit, you don’t deserve to complain; quit and I’ll let you know my opinion again.
  2. If you keep dreaming without acting, you don’t really want to succeed.
  3. If you keep planning without accomplishing, you are just going in circle, always a beginning but will never have a big bang ending; and then supposedly start another new exciting adventure.
  4. If you are grumpy, there are 4 reasons to choose from, you were stupidly surprised/startled but too embarrass to admit it, you are hungry, you are broke, or you didn’t get enough sleep. Come to think of it, the first one can be resolved with a good attitude, and the last three could have been prevented if you have taken control.
  5. If you cry, you may have just showed a weakness and vulnerability, and it is never your lost; but pity for those who couldn’t recognised it as strength and still ask and stubbornly asked you to stop crying.
  6. If a woman says she hates you, it is because she loves you so much but she shouldn’t; well in my very case anyway for a particular human being.
  7. If you blog at 1:15 AM knowing you are getting up at 5:00 AM, you are avoiding the silence of the night for slumber, but finding solace of the written words. You should write a book and actually earn from it!

[1: 1,364 of 10,000] Goodness vs. Evil

In Article on November 5, 2014 at 1:13 AM

Photo by: Konstantin Gribov

I’ve heard about the hearsay, “that person sold his soul to the devil in order to gain that much wealth and power.” Why does selling our soul to evil quite elicit an immediate gratifying effect or a dream coming true almost instantly? Remember all those movies like Shrek signing a contract with a very fine print and viola wish granted but not perfectly I must say. We should take note the “fine print” but we couldn’t really see until it is happening right before our eyes; but no worries because we have a God that could always save us, the God who loves us unconditionally if we know to reach out and repent.

The road to goodness seems daunting, difficult, and I believe it is so because there is no such great result without properly pouring of true love, time or dedication, sweat or big effort, and it might take time to reach the ultimate goal but the journey itself will have a lasting effect of instilling great values on us from courage, honesty, diligence, humbleness, and all the beautiful qualities you could think of. And come to think of it, once these values gets instilled in us, it gets reused for another battle that would allow us to be brave, confident, and enjoy life because we know we’ve won battles before, and we could win so much more not just for our betterment but the ripple effect could also help others. I would always love the stories of a pupa almost dying but it turned into a magnificent butterfly or a rough stone when refined could turn into a very expensive and elegant diamond jewellery.

No wonder the wise men build his house upon a rock and the foolish one upon a sand or sow a seed in a barren land.

Let us choose doing good. It’s hard work but it’s right choice for all the right reasons. We should feel God’s love and guidance to keep us stronger that we can make it, not alone but having HIM side by side with us to our battle.

[1: 1,357 of 10,000] I Shall Defend My Joy, So Should You

In Journal on October 20, 2014 at 5:37 AM

Gilbert on Delight

There are people who affects our lives too much that we let them dig into our minds and totally mess up our positivity.

There are times that my spirit cannot hold on to something strong that I vanish to oblivion.

I let self pity to take charge, I give in to sulking like I got robbed of a doll, or I let frustration and anger take control.

Those were the moments that I wanted to hide, and hopefully for those brief moments I get cradled like a baby.

But I am an adult, I am expected to be strong, independent, reliable, and when I grew weak, too vulnerable, all I can do is cry and wishing the bad feeling goes away.

The ultimate goal is to be at peace and joyful. I got to learn to ACCEPT that in imperfections and failures, I could easily recognised the magnificent and worthy. Or better yet as Jack Gilbert insisted, of all those times that we need to be a stubborn adult, it is when we needed to defend our joy amidst the crazy world.

[1: 1,355 of 10,000] One Goal For The Year

In Journal on October 18, 2014 at 3:15 AM

50s Lady

I wanted to be loved by the right man. How do I make myself loveable? Wrong question. I got to treat myself and love myself the way I wanted to be loved. My goal for 2014 is be the woman I would fall in love with, I got barely 3 months to do it so every single day counts because I am welcoming 2015 with grace, elegance, radiance, beauty – yeah the pageant like seems calculated but really isn’t,  but I don’t want to be the best friend of all winning the congeniality, I wanted to be the crown holder.

  1. I would treat myself like a princess. Delicate, paved, and revered.
  2. I will give myself a compliment. Endearingly accept, live, believe.
  3. I will be nice, polite, charming, a blessing for anyone who comes across me.
  4. I am centered, focused, open for the magic enveloping me.
  5. I will be calm, smile, composed, and warm at all times.
  6. I will listen to my heart, answer to my call, and passionately and struggle to emerge as a hero from the battle of my life.
  7. I will dance for every beat and melody, feeling how my bones and muscles moves with the grooves.
  8. I will praise my creator, to cherish all His endless love, and honour Him with every time I live with the present.
  9. I will enjoy the life that I see, appreciate the good and learn from the beautiful mistakes, and to be always grateful.
  10. I will be whole and ready to expand even more.

I love every inch of my being, its longing, desires, and every bits of joy and enthusiasm stirred when my spirit gets awakened.

[1: 1,345 of 10,000] Problems Are Amazing!

In Article on September 19, 2014 at 6:39 PM

Climbing & A Bird

“The good thing about a crisis is that we become desperate – and teachable.”
– Andrew Matthews

Problem has so many positive things about it.

I know they appear to be very bad especially if I brought them all by myself like getting speeding ticket for the course of 2 weeks all because I was looking at mph instead of kph, boom dumb! Or falling helplessly in love to a committed man that won’t result to any good unless I am willing to become the greatest mistress the world has ever known. Procrastinating and hiding away from problems that have been begging my attention to be dealt with and just get over it. Maxing out a credit card and leave it to the gods that it got paid on due date, miraculously.

Problem appears challenging and heartbreaking, it really is and clears my eyes too with all those tears but it will do good if my focus is correct.

  1. It forces me to grieve and feel getting sulked up.
  2. It pushes your face down on the dirt that you can’t breathe and reach out for an air and beautiful kind of answer.
  3. It encourages you to take a different track.
  4. I don’t forget and I become learned (never again), tougher (to say enough of this shit), and kinder (I know how you feel).
  5. Opens possibilities and look at other creative way to move forward.
  6. Gives me reason to laugh out really hard!
  7. It reminds me that God is right by my side, carry me and gives me the warmest hugs and sweetest kisses.

Problem taught me to be the best that I can be!

The 3 speeding tickets proved that I got no fear to drive fast, took notice that miles per hour is sexy fast, able to contribute to Dubai’s fund, and I shall be careful not to harm others with my irresponsible speeding. Loving a married man showed that I am really capable of appreciating an imperfect man and I am able to see people for who they really are; I am over it and couldn’t wait to give my loyalty to the man I would commit my “I Do” in a proper altar. Finishing long issues could actually give a natural high and makes me feel like a superwoman. As for the credit card, I would enjoy reading all my books at home and the fancy hotel like studio apartment that my sissy and I have; that way no more spending and splurging until December.

[1: 1,344 of 10,000] Best eBook I Have Read

In Review on September 13, 2014 at 11:28 AM

how-life-works-by-andrew-matthewsI am grateful that moment directed me to buy the eBook “How Life Works” by Andrew Matthews. I encourage you to buy the eBook or if you prefer paperback, go ahead too. Disclaimer: I am not a reseller of Andrew Matthews and I also don’t get any commission for recommending him; all I get is the pleasure that I hope this eBook would touch you and show you wonders to have an amazing life from this point onward.

It’s not a magical book but how the world works with us in it is definitely ‘magical’. I am sure you have known a lot of the contents from other materials but what I am grateful that I get it and I love it. I don’t adore everything but there is so much that boozed AHAs. I am a type of person who remember things in an incredibly cray cray way but the way he combined humour, cartoon, spot on statements, cites good life examples, and research made it worked and believable.

Here are some of my favourite thoughts from the eBook –

  • The Universe is an energy system, constantly bringing itself into balance. Every time you have a thought, you shift the balance. The balance restores itself as your thoughts materialise. Whatever you put into the Universe will be reflected back to you.
  • Life unfolds from the inside out. The thoughts in your head become a FEELING in your heart. Good things happen when we are feeling good. We attract what we feel. Excitement makes things happen fast. If it’s exciting, we keep thinking about it, and attract it. Emotion sets your dream in motion. All those things that you have been feeling excited about are still moving toward you. You just need to keep the feeling until you land them in you.
  • Action is thought in motion. Action accelerates results.
  • Relax. Be grateful, forgive people, love more, quit blaming everyone else, quit blaming ourselves and believe things will work out! This is how you become a magnet for everything you want. When you feel calm and protected, you are protected. Meditate because meditation is the ultimate excessive in detachment and feeling good. The trick to the game of life is to feel happy, grateful and detached. Nature doesn’t understand desperation! Nature seeks balance, and you can’t be desperate and balanced.
  • Love is the fabric that holds the Universe together. When you are motivated by LOVE and when you are serving others, you are in harmony with the Universe and your plans unfold with much less effort. People who feel loved believe they deserve to be loved. When you find love, you are in the present. And if you can find the present, you find love.
  • We are each a divine, loving, powerful spirit in a body. When we forget this, life hurts. It is life’s way of getting us back on track. Logic will tell you, “If I accept this rotten moment I will be stuck with it forever!” In fact, the reverse is true. Acceptance allows you to move on. What happens when you accept what IS? Frustration dissolves into fascination. You still have challenges, but they resolve themselves almost effortlessly.
  • Will success make me happy? No. You have to be happy first. You have to like yourself first. Happiness makes you successful.
  • What is my goal? To think like God thinks. To love like God loves. To create like God creates.

[1: 1,331 of 10,000] The Beginning Of A Culinary Experiment Or An Elementary Learning

In Journal on July 26, 2014 at 10:14 PM

One of the reasons my sissy and I are willing to move to a new apartment is to find a completely bare kitchen so I can buy her an oven. She promised that she will make our apartment smelling so sweet with lovely cakes and delicious muffins.

The first attempt is an Ina Garten’s version of Baked Macaroni. It looked promising from the oven, it turned out just fine but looking fab with the red Staub pot, but I got to admit that I need another round of attempt. Life is nice and filled with new things to learn (like if you say pre heat the oven, how long does that take?) and experiment (use another type of cheddar instead of the suggested extra sharp cheddar, which we didn’t find).

Siemens Oven

[1: 1,324 of 10,000] How To Win Negativity?

In Article on June 1, 2014 at 5:02 PM

Have you ever experienced being so annoyed thinking…

  • If only this guy shuts up, my life is at peace.
  • Argh, why are they such a moron?!!
  • Fuck sake, it is all bullshit again!
  • I already sent that email last week, damn don’t they read???!
  • Do I really need to do it all, really ALL!!! I am in freaking vacation.

Just writing those five negative statements above, opened the faucet of my good vibes, and it sure slowly draining my positive juices. Being in a negative state of mind is ridiculously insane because it smoothly leads to the perfect self-sabotage. There is actually a solution; it takes practice and it is doable.

Be conscious of what we think and be conscious of what we do.


Whenever we start being defensive, angry, and in pain; let us pause, take a deep breath and be conscious on what we think. Let’s not negative thoughts empower our capacity to understand, to be calm, and be loving or sometimes requiring us to give tough love but still in the most acceptable human behaviour.

Once we take charge on what we think and even on what we feed our selves, we don’t give in to the urge to be the person we soon later regret or even despise; and we avoided hurting the people around us.

When we say we are conscious, we direct our mind and we don’t get persuaded by impulse to take revenge or to attack.

When we are conscious, we separate the circumstance from our true self, and we can act with the most pleasing way.

[1: 1,317 of 10,000] The Secret of “No Regret”

In Aphorism on May 16, 2014 at 5:43 PM

The secret of “no regret” is to live responsibly and with all your best at all times.

I don’t have regrets.

I know that I have lived my life with the best of my ability.

I know that I shall live even more with not settling so as long as I breathe, I shall love, get really scared, make mistakes, learn, and achieve that longing of fulfilment.

I don’t like to just live but would always strive for a meaningful life.

I know inside my heart that I am special and so is each of us and I couldn’t put it out clearly for history to recognise but I am sure each of us will find out and most hopefully live it out.