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[1: 1,575 of 10,000] Getting These Three Lessons Make My Life More Than OK

In Journal on August 31, 2015 at 10:53 AM


The greatest three lessons I’ve learned so far that is making my life more than just OK but perfectly and continuously poured with love, peace, and joy –

First – God’s love is so huge, immeasurable, yet He knows the special needs of each individual in the world.

That is how powerful God is! There are moments that I feel like I needed a special attention because in my opinion I have a very special need, everybody at some points wants to feel special, and because our God is so mighty, He is capable of giving just that if I ask, if I communicate.

God is never tired to wait for me and see me grow in baby steps every day. If I humble myself and seek for His guidance, He reveal His love and the Holy Spirit helps me with utmost love and care.

Second – I must have good intentions for others all the time and be grateful for the good I see in them.

The moment I start thinking the wrong path, I don’t feel good inside. I feel like an arrogant person who don’t want to receive the miracle of God. Whatever I wish on others, I wish for myself, so why would I want to wish myself bad things.

It’s like throwing a knife above my head, up in the air, hoping it hit the person who’s upsetting me but the law of gravity clearly demonstrates that it will come back down and hit ME! Once a knife hits me, I will bleed and it’s not the perfect way to live. I would rather throw good wishes or it’s like throwing confettis in the air where it touches the person I wished, it touches somebody else around, and it touches me; now that’s magical.

Third – I exist to enjoy life, create what I love with my best, and share.

I am capable to do what I am supposed to do, it will be definitely something I love and it will definitely make someone’s life better; but the real challenge is I have to accept the responsibility and actually do something. I used to question what is my purpose in life and since I didn’t stop moving forward, I continue appreciating life as it unfolds, then I get glimpses of where I should be headed. Where am I especially if I find peace within me is exactly where I am supposed to be and I got to give my absolute best.

With these three lessons I am immensely grateful.