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[1: 1,717 of 10,000] The Social Media LIKE or HEART Effect

In Article on June 9, 2016 at 12:46 AM


Have you tried posting on social media and the moment someone liked it or double tapped it, you feel a pang of gladness, satisfaction, gratification, and then even fall into the habit of checking who’s the latest person who “kind of” appreciated the virtual you or a part of you. I am guilty of such!

What is worst? This quick source of gratification is exercised even further than my personal life because I manage the social media of where I work. It makes me smile although most of the times, I could feel that for business I have the control to separate it from myself, like I am not owning the credit 100%.

Social media is sometimes addictive and I really don’t want to suffer the bad consequence in the long run. I’ve thought of abandoning it and really make a true connection with people in person; but I just couldn’t especially if my dearest friends are located in different parts of the world. Making a true relationship is truly about making a conscious effort to be connected, mingle or be out and about, to plan trips together, and only an excuse is sitting between its realisation.

[1: 1,448 of 10,000] Thank You Very Much For The Likes, Comments & For Subscribing

In Article on April 26, 2015 at 7:49 AM


Thank you very much for every one who visited my blog, clicked the “like,” left a “comment,” and stepped even further by “subscribing.” It’s heart warming knowing someone took the time to leave a piece of themselves for me. I am only a stranger with the absence of my name-as-written-on-my-registered-official-birth-certificate in this blog; but every feeling I have poured translated into every post where genuine and so you have met my heart.

It is fascinating that people from different countries get directed to my blog. The point that they have liked a post makes me feel that you have understood me and I hope in return I have given something to you too that you appreciate or I have awaken something in you that made you smile a little more and your heart magically expands and glows a little more.

There are moments that those mini effort that you have made, my visitors, immensely gave gratification and add hope in me to move on forward. The most memorable “like” are for the posts that I bared my vulnerabilities and shaming myself online just to see my actions in words and the point that someone read and liked it, kept me a little stronger to decide wisely of my next actions.

Thank you very much.

[1: 444 of 10,000] Maybe I Don’t Love It, I Just Simply Like It

In Article on November 18, 2011 at 8:43 AM

If I really love something why did I abandon it or take it for granted? That is strange don’t you think?

Maybe if I do love it in the first place I should have not left it. Maybe my definition for love is screwed up.

Or maybe Facebook was right, we don’t love things anymore, we simply ‘Like’ it!

It’s time for me to start truly loving and committing. It’s time to give more “Es” – effort, energy, and enthusiasm for the things that really matters. Just thinking about it makes me weak and weary – I still don’t know how.

In due time…