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[1: 2,067 of 10,000] The Moment I Created Space

In Journal on October 15, 2021 at 3:00 PM

I’ve created space in my life that I allow life to flow. It’s a glorious feeling that I don’t doubt it because the peace emanating from within me is so strong I bathe in it with much delight. Just when I thought my art of allowing can get any better, it does and I’m so excited to share to everyone how to experience it.

It’s unapologetic but instead graceful in reflecting unconditional love back at me. There’s pureness in its language that there is no rush nor constraint only relaxed breathing space for energy to dance and play. What a journey that I’ve been through and then here I am, beaming with light.

I’m like a new born baby appreciating every tickle I grab out of life. Going back to an innocent eyes yet wide awake of how people thrive. I feel the dreams being created, planted, and shout out loud back to the Universe to be created and they’re glorious. Start with having fun and see the tragic comedy as a teacher with life lesson to be appreciated.

It’s an exhilarating blazing life in a beautiful world, join it! Offer what makes you joyful, offer it what frustrates you, offer it your creation, offer it your pain, and most of all offer it your reverence. Reverence you asked? Why not, you’re part of its co-creator.

[1: 2,066 of 10,000] Eternal Flame Within Me

In Poem on October 15, 2021 at 2:17 PM

It happened yesterday
Vividly felt its lingering presence
Eternal flame living within me

I love its presence
I’ve been ignoring it
It waited and now I see

Eternal optimism
Endless gentle understanding
It embraces all of me

My critical self loved
My expansive Self leads
No regrets only being here

Oh will I always feel this?
What a gift
I remembered it exists

Me seeing it
Means you will see it too
Love growing brighter

[1: 2,064 of 10,000] 36 Questions Leading To Love

In Question on September 4, 2021 at 10:07 AM
Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash

Since it’s weekend and to have a break from writing about my self-help business I’ll do something fun and try to answer the 36 Questions that could lead to loving someone, and how about starting with loving myself even more. Here I am I thought I’m going away from self-help but it’s absolutely ingrained in me that I can’t switch it off, plus I encourage everyone to always start loving oneself. (Questions Source: The New York Times by Daniel Jones)

Set I

1. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest? Jesus and ask him questions about balancing anger and love. He was on fire speaking up about injustice during the Roman times and yet loving enough to surrender to forgiveness and end his life in torture.

2. Would you like to be famous? In what way? Yes to spread words about recognizing our divinity and power to do what’s truly loving, peaceful, blissful and co-create consciously.

3. Before making a telephone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Why? Sometimes just to get it right the first time without fuzz but most of the time I don’t like rehearsing anything. I always love free flow speech and that gets me in trouble because I’m capable of speaking my mind without filter but with full raw emotions.

4. What would constitute a “perfect” day for you? I have good nourishing delicious food, I got inspired, I laughed, I sweat and I showed kindness to someone.

5. When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else? Singing to myself right now while I answer these questions. I don’t remember singing to someone, probably singing with someone while driving.

6. If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want? I will retain the body so it will allow me to still keep learning and reading new things without using eye glasses and seeing beautiful places for the first time without using a walker.

7. Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die? Peaceful death because I know I like where I’m going. It’s always a soul adventure and it’s just one dimension to another.

8. Name three things you and your partner appear to have in common. Passionate about life’s adventures, spiritually awake and deliberate to make this world better than we found it.

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[1: 2,051 of 10,000] Self-love On Valentine’s

In Journal on February 14, 2021 at 11:12 PM

This year is the most special Valentine’s Day I could ever appreciate in my adult life because I know the value of self-love. I feel so whole and I recognize my self-worth that I don’t look for outside validation and acceptance. My cup is full that I am able to give without expecting.

My healthy self-love will reflect my quality relationships with people who will not deplete my energy but instead inspire me to gain more passion towards feeling alive. My healthy boundaries make me honest of what I am feeling and recline to self-care until I’m rejuvenated to join the world again.

I have nothing to prove to the world. I don’t have to conform to the relentless need of rushing and worrying. I have a responsibility though to check in with myself to what truly makes me joyful, what lightens my heart and what do I need to heal and a burden to let go. Each of us is in our own path of growth and we can’t expect to be at the same pace at all times and that’s absolutely fine. We have to honor what resonates with us.

There was a moment that I never stopped to pause and ask what fills me up. I thought I’m Superman that I can keep on giving the people that I adore with care and surprises only to realize it’s not sustainable. It brought me sadness that when I finally halt and asked what makes me happy and I couldn’t answer so I knew it’s time to focus the priority on me.

I will not wait for another human being to save me and love me, I am taking charge of my life and I’ll sweep me off my feet. I finally start chipping away the blockages that I created to not access unconditional love that has always been available, my truest essence, the human’s superpower.

[1: 2,029 of 10,000] Rules I Made

In Poem on November 29, 2020 at 6:58 PM

Don’t smoke
Don’t lie
Don’t be pessimistic
Don’t hide
Don’t panic
Don’t rush
Don’t be spoiled
Don’t be harsh
Don’t be unkind
Don’t self-loath
Don’t be hopeless
Don’t run

Stay to know me
Stay to love me
Stay to be loved
Stay to grow
Stay to be silly
Stay for adventure
Stay for the unknown
Stay to plunge
Stay to bare
Stay for joy
Stay for excitement
Stay for life

[1: 2,023 of 10,000] What Am I Made Of?

In Article on November 24, 2020 at 6:38 AM

Indulge me to explore the true essence of what I’m made of, it lasts and can’t be contained. It can’ be defined too although human have tried to capture its magic.

Do you know what I’m made of?

Stardust is the form but the formless, the real essence, is LOVE.

I am made of love. If I’m made of love, it means I can love, I can feel love, I understand love, and any time that I don’t it means I have built the wall not to receive it, I’ve closed my vessel, or I’ve stopped flowing.

I have times that I forgot what my true essence and it wasn’t fun, life isn’t easy, and my hope especially that now I know better is I have the power to choose. I have to rest and heal my hurt and then move again.

I love my life and I will maximize all the experience that I can. I will never stop testing my limits, and I will not be afraid to say I am sorry because I don’t know everything and it’s fun discovering what am capable of exploring. I will always say, “Thank you life for letting me play.”

[1: 2,019 of 10,000] Afraid of Making Mistakes

In List on November 19, 2020 at 8:33 PM
Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

I have gone through so much in life that I already know what I don’t like to happen again. I started being scared of what have happened to the people closest to me that I take every positive course so I can to avoid every single one.

What am I afraid of?

  • Be in a position to ask someone who am not close to for loan. I don’t have any loan from a bank or from anyone at this point and I’m so keen of keeping it that way.
  • Die of heart attack like my father or suffer cancer and eventually passed like my mother. It’s my responsibility to take care of my health if I want to have the vibrancy to live.
  • Be pregnant out of wedlock or from an illicit affair because I believe children need a healthy family to grow up. A family member had an affair and had a child, and no one took care of the child.
  • Marry the wrong person because I don’t want to go through separation or divorce. I have always believed marriage is supposed to be sacred and binding as long as both are living.
  • Die alone in my own home and will only be found after a few days. It happened to one of my college adviser and I thought that’s sad.

There are more fears that I have to take a look, and while am looking at them, I have to be patient of my inner child to know that it’s okay to feel those sadness and worries, but after that I got to focus on the positive things.

I’m here to live a human experience and expand my soul. I’m here to be willing to step into the unknown, be ready to make unintentional mistakes, learn, and take another shot. It’s good that I value things, to have a stand, but not on the point of only focusing on what’s bad but as fast as I can look at the opposite of my fear and have only that in my attention.

I also have to remember, whenever I am choosing to be afraid, I am saying no to love. Loving in life is the right way, the easy way, and yet I am okay to have a little hiccup if it means I’ll grow stronger and wiser having my experience as my own teacher. Today, I’m not afraid of making mistake, I am more for being able to live!

[1: 2,017 of 10,000] Discerning Who Enters

In Article on November 18, 2020 at 4:51 AM
Photo by Famara Marmiesse on Unsplash

I have to be discerning of what enters my sacred space. What energy do I allow to come in? Am I over extending myself? Am I taking forces that drain my focus? Have I gone off track for a pleasure detour and assess is it worth it?

All is well. There’s no need of taking life too heavy, serious, and calculating every moves like the end is near, there’s no end, there’s only every moment that’s fleeting.

I just completed a bunch of Christmas cards to mail to family, friends, and additional new people I came across this year who helped me with my spiritual journey. I write my messages with the intention that they will feel my unconditional love.

Lately, I have been loving to say to a person, “You are love and loved.” For me to satisfy in contributing to the “loved” is to show how I care for people, putting in the effort, curating a surprise, and that’s a life where love flows, goes around, and multiplies.

I have closed doors to some people in my life who gave me the feeling of am being used repeatedly, not recognized for my value, and I now know how to set healthy boundaries to stop me from spinning my head.

I have incorporated discernment into my life, because my journey is unique to me. I follow my joy, my excitement, my desire, my curiosity, and most of all creating the life that brings me peace.

[1: 2,013 of 10,000] Surfacing Memories

In Journal on November 14, 2020 at 9:42 PM

I have been remembering childhood memories more vividly and with the remembrance of the oneness of all, with the resonance that define the true essence of life centered to love, and human has soul that move in eternity making this lifetime as fleeting but leaves marks… they are coming alive in a whole new light.

I am more forgiving of every human most especially to me. I am savoring what’s good in every memory and seeing the screaming magic I missed. I am grateful that I’m still alive, do incredible things and create new memories that are kind, open, and loving.

I want to be as spontaneous as David Chappelle living in a community of artists and regular folks. It’s nice to show up in the world with the truest Self. Make good memory that would mark history that when souls look back at it it is going to be revered and human will never doubt magic ever again.

[1: 2,006 of 10,000] Calling

In Article on November 7, 2020 at 8:02 PM

Did you ever experience being called to something unknown but there’s a deeper knowing that you’re going to be okay, better than you could ever been?

Did you ever felt that you’re special, unique beyond measures, and yet one and the same with all.

I am called to have faith that my duality will lead me to a whole life. In me is a feminine and masculine energies, both important, equal, and divine.

I am called to harness my creativity. Feel life moving through me and catch the spark of love emanating. To add focus because I do have the desire to share my testament that peace, healing, and believing to love are achievable.

It will not always be a rosy journey and in those moments, I am then called to keep a positive attitude. In my darkest hours when I was younger, I don’t normally grief, I default to becoming optimistic and trusts that there’s a positive spin, a good reason of why things turned out the way they did. Now that I’ve grown, I see the value of recognizing the moments to feel the pain, give myself a time to cry, and then comfort myself that I’ve learned a valuable lesson, and when I’m strong enough, take the step to move forward, baby steps if need be.

What are you called to do?