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[1: 1,594 of 10,000] How Do You Save The Mentally Ill?

In Article on September 19, 2015 at 6:47 PM


I have feared to lose my mind and become mentally ill especially when I get lost in my writing and creating characters that I have made up in my imagination. Watching “Sucker Punch” and seeing the old ways to cure mental illnesses, yes I was talking about the needle that gets inserted through the eye, didn’t help to comfort my fear.

Are criminals suffer some kind of a mental illness? Are people who are always mad and always find things to complain about a danger to society? Are the doctors truly able to diagnose a mental illness? Are there perfect solutions to end the madness?

I just completed my marathon of “Walking Dead” ending at Season 5 and it is such a depressing show knowing the norm is changing and human life has little value if certain man can’t learn to live with others amicably. I just finished watching the last episode of “Hannibal” from Season 1 and it is alarming seeing a psychopath and a serial killer lurking.

At some point, I suspected that somebody I know is suffering from mental illness and I feel scared for his wife who might be in danger. He cheats on his wife, tried to threat that he’ll kill himself if his wife leaves him, a pathological liar, and 95% of the time got something to complain about and felt entitled to start an argument.

I felt bad too that I don’t know how to help my adopted brother who I don’t exactly know how he lives when not all he says were the truth. He was a child from an illicit affair and the wife (I mean being crazy mad at the mistress) tried to have him aborted yet he survived but with mental complications. Both his parents are still alive but not one of them claims to take care of him. My parents passed away and somehow I know that I have to be there for him and yet I don’t know how. Not yet anyway but I know the right path will come soon.

I pulled back. All these couldn’t simply exist without a solution. All the pain will eventually end and make a beautiful start and make a remarkable ending.

[1: 1,491 of 10,000] The Madness of Unconsciousness

In Aphorism, Article on June 8, 2015 at 12:51 PM

The world spins in madness unless a man chooses to live in consciousness. -Yor Ryeter


I have done something I do not regret. I don’t know where the courage came from to have done it but I relied that it was the right thing to do though painful. It has two faces, telling the truth yet breaking a trust. I was convinced that I was helping to relieved an agony of the unknown to be able to cure a wound that has been deliberately neglected because of fear.

The man who committed a mistake and who I broke his trust hated me. The woman I freed from her incessant longing for truth betrayed me. Now I wonder what does this teach me when the man who hated me threat to harm me for my decision.

I learn that accusations especially when false should not affect me. It was the first time that I have understood that what a person judged others could actually be a true reflection of his own. I am being condemned and yet instead of fighting back and devising a way to get back, I surrender on my knees that he realises what’s worth fighting for.

I meddled because no honest man deserves to be treated with disrespect when there might possibly be a way to cease the piling lies. And yet a man who is jealous and in pain could still betray a friend; but is it a waste if the value of honesty was upholded?

I am sorry if I have started havoc but I am not apologetic for being truthful to the right person who needs answer. I told friends and family of my challenge and they advised that I stay away from these people, and I understand their concern, but I know in my heart that I wish them peace, courage, kindness, and may the true love within them outweigh the challenges that they face so not to succumb to being fearful, deceitful, and mad as an immediate action.

[1: 677 of 10,000] Madness vs. Passion

In Aphorism on July 9, 2012 at 8:08 PM

Where do you draw the line between Madness and Passion?
It’s a thin line that’s invisible
but madness can no longer define reality
while passion lives in reality but felt like it’s fantasy.