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[1: 1,999 of 10,000] Christmas Fever

In Journal on October 19, 2020 at 5:02 AM
Photo source: Deseret.com

OSN (Dubai cable company) showed The Santa Clause (1994) during the weekend played by Tim Allen and then the next day The Santa Clause 2 (2002) was on and I got to watch them in the middle of October. I wonder if 3 will be up today. It feels so good watching a very heartwarming film and reminding human beings that magic exists.

Talking about magic or miracles, I did have the notion that it rarely happened that I disregard it, that it only exists in movies, or if I’m really very lucky then I’ll experience it without a doubt; but the Law of Attraction is also at play and I have a say about what happens in my life whether it’s a wish granted or sabotaging nightmare (it’s actually a life lesson for growth because all is well all the time). I’m always co-creating with the Universe and that on itself is a whole lot of magic. I’m accustomed to call magic only if what I’ve thought immediately appears right before my eyes, but the truth is I do make a wish but the only difference is I receive whatever is in vibrational alignment to myself or what I’m allowing to manifest in this three dimensional world.

I will always believe that magic is everywhere that I’m taking for granted. After seeing the documentary series One Strange Rock and hear the astronauts describe how vulnerable Earth can be then living here every day is already a miracle. The synchronicities surrounding me is also a sign that I’m being guided and loved by gentle forces that I don’t necessarily see but believed to exist.

What makes you believe in magic?