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[1: 1,316 of 10,000] Next Is… Marriage?

In Journal on May 16, 2014 at 5:31 PM

I was taken aback when company asks or even preferred their employees to be married as seen on the movie Leap Year. It was even a bit funny that marital status nowadays are quite descriptive like a certain survey site with the below question –

Marital Status

I belong to the “Single – never married” and I will do everything in my power that I shall never be part of the “Divorced”.

Married life… I am looking forward to being in love, tickled to the bones, and live a longer life with the greatest man by my side. Although, I know that I got to work on so many things that I shall be willing to marry me so my best mate gets attracted. I am turning 34 in 18 days and it always shakes me to question where I am and where am I heading?

I have always been attracted with man who is 34 now that I myself is going to be one I get baffled. What was it about 34 and what will I be doing? Whatever are those things it should never be less than amazing. How could I go wrong with my curious mind, excited heart, and with my loving God? Never as long as I keep moving forward, not giving up, and expanding (not in size, geez I got to go to the gym!!! ‘coz every second that ticks I am not getting younger with the best metabolism).