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[1: 1,706 of 10,000] They Ended Their Marriage

In Article on May 13, 2016 at 9:41 PM


I knew a couple who are sort of a celebrity and I follow a Facebook account that they both managed. For sometime, I wasn’t following the group, so I was a bit surprised to find out that they broke up.

I was happy that they were in love and seemed to have a happy marriage; so I was in shock to find out that they separated. I just couldn’t believe it that it ended. Of course I don’t know the reason and it is not my business to ask, but it made me sad to find that news.

I have always thought of marriage as forever but being 35 I now tend to entertain the idea that like any other relationship, people can outgrow somebody, or to move on there are just someone we got to leave behind.

My two younger sisters are not talking with each other because our youngest sister decided it wasn’t worth continuing a relationship anymore. I couldn’t understand that, I almost don’t like to accept that fact especially that we used to be very tight. I wanted my youngest sister to realise that our middle sister made her choice, it is her life, and so what if we don’t agree who she married. I don’t like to try and mend them together, maybe the walls will break later on, maybe it is all right that they no longer talk.

May we have the courage to be loving of ourselves and extend further to others.

[1: 1,596 of 10,000] Husband And Kids Yor?

In Article on September 21, 2015 at 10:48 PM


Is husband and kids something that I should think about next? I managed to get the best job I’ve ever had so now is meeting a life partner would be my new mission? And eventually leading to having children and calling our team a ‘family’.

Being in a romantic relationship is something I’ve never tried in my life. I feel like I am saving my commitment to the person where we are right for one another. I am scared because I grew up seeing broken relationships and filled with infidelity. I wanted mine to be growing, happy, and loving. It doesn’t have to be perfect in the eyes of others, as long as it is perfect for both of us and more importantly blessed by God.

  1. No. 1 in my list is recognises and lives with God’s love.
  2. It is not too much to ask that I needed him to be faithful as I would be.
  3. Have strong and amazing values that would enrich our relationship.
  4. Serves the world with a purpose and so good at it.
  5. We’re in love.

I’m not a child anymore and I’m offering this thought to God. Whether I marry or not, I will serve God with all that I have. Is it worth spreading my genes to the world? My heart says definitely. God did good guiding me all through this years, and not without cringing and shaking his head for a lot of times.

Yor is a work in progress and so is my future husband. We’ll meet at the right time when we’re both ready.

[1: 1,584 of 10,000] Is Marriage Like Signing Up For A Career?

In Article on September 9, 2015 at 2:33 PM


Marriage that used to last a lifetime seems to turn into a business contract that it could end faster than it started. Is it really true that there are too many divorces in countries that allowed it?

Is human becomes too agitated to gain pleasure and excitement instantly all the time but never have the courage to take on the works for enriching a relationship? Are choices and freedom that are freely available give human ticket to do whatever they want?

Having a partner for a lifetime is wonderful. Who am I kidding that marriage is similar to a career? A spouse encompasses more than a paper but sharing a life forever.

I hope before a couple enter into a relationship they have a good intention to grow better together. Good intentions will include loving one another, remain faithful, support one another’s personal dreams too, and enjoying life together. Speak with kindness and live with generosity, being a team, would be very ideal.

Now that I’ve found a perfect career, do I start entertaining in meeting the perfect partner? Yay, love!

[1: 1,501 of 10,000] The Letter That Was Never Sent

In Letter on June 18, 2015 at 11:40 PM

Sealed Letter

My Dearest T,

You felt that I am in love with you and I find no reason to admit it because I was not supposed to be drawn to you. I could not understand why did I fall for you, intoxicated with your lust, or is it the virgin in me that needed to belong and craved your possessiveness.

Why did you cheat on your wife? Why do you think it was all right to hurt another heart that adores you? Why do you think I would not give your wife the courtesy to tell the truth about your betrayal after you said you have changed? Yes I was jealous, hurt, but more than my own feeling I want women to be respected and loved without disloyalty.

You accused me of breaking your marriage, oh if you could only read my heart that I was moving far away so I may pray that your relationship flourishes. You were upset that I open wounds, but how can you heal a wound you kept running away from instead of curing it. I am sorry I pried to open a secret you’ve been hiding.

You have cursed me, demanded that I should be ashamed, questioned my values, mocked what honor do I bring to my dead parents, sworn you don’t want to see or hear from me, and never will you forgive me. I leave you the space that was yours, and I will wish that one day when the anger diminishes, you’ll remember I have always valued to be truthful and there is no way I could lie to a woman who asked me to be her friend and give her honesty that you’ve deprived.

May the choices you’ve made was worth all the pain and pleasure. I never regret a single thing I did, not even the part that I have loved you, but maybe there were people we do meant to meet to bid good bye for good. I will never apologise nor will I ever attempt to speak and see you again, but when you’re ready to listen, I will tell you I am sorry I never trusted your judgment and believed that you’re capable of being honest and no need to say good bye because it never had started.

Thank you,


[1: 1,483 of 10,000] Crossing The Line of Infidelity

In Article on May 31, 2015 at 11:11 PM

A wife called me today to ask some details about her cheating husband. It bothers me that she’s asking for details that has happened on February when on April her husband told me he’s working out their relationship and today is the last day of May. I’m no expert but I don’t want her to suffer pain for something that has been done way back and they were supposed to be fixing things.

I met a psychologist a few months back and she said I couldn’t do couples therapy because I am not married; that’s probably right because in my opinion right now, I see things objectively, and even worse what I seemed to think as the “ideal way”. It’s going to be hard to keep up with me. The only basis that I have for marriage is supposedly being a secretary to a boss who values my opinion (even if he doesn’t always admits) and who I treat as my equal (he paid me yes but I have the freedom and respect for myself that I will still disagree and agree accordingly to what the circumstance require).

It is starting to raise question in me that if I will really marry someone what will my smart mind and loving heart do to keep the marriage filled with DESIRE. I will never give my husband-to-be and the wife-to-be-me to be ever be fallen into the trap of infidelity especially after hearing Esther Perel spoke about happy couple may still cheat. I will find a partner who will be mature and enjoy an intimate relationship and healthy partnership with me.

No one deserves to be cheated, it’s unfair, it’s disrespectful, and it’s breaking someone’s heart and that’s painful. It’s another way of creating problem without addressing the real problem. May couples around the world sort out their problems and have a blissful life together.


[1: 1,433 of 10,000] Love Letter For My Future Husband

In Letter on April 9, 2015 at 8:54 AM


My Charming Prince,

To live is to be grateful of NOW and right now I say “I love you” with all my heart exploding with so much love.

I picked a song for my feelings about you, fresh feeling, where everything is easy and I couldn’t imagine how can this be so magical. You hold my hands and we are both at peace, and just those loving stares we don’t need to speak. I love how you smell, like the fresh morning dew and I love kissing you!

You cast all my fears, I am grateful of now, because I am with you. So, you were the gentleman I have saved my forever, my coveted loyalty for the truest lifetime commitment. You are worth it.

You will never break my heart, because every time I breathe your love, my heart multiplies. My love tank is overflowing I got so much to save me for those days that we might need to adjust, to find the right voice, to touch one another in certain ways, but the respect will always be there.

Thank you that we can be naked and still love all our own wounds. Thank you that we are taking a leap of faith that there is no other way to live but with everything about us joint. We would even love our life with our children, who will have our love instilled in them, making them such beautiful human beings. Sex became even more rewarding for producing beautiful offsprings.

You know that I love words. You know that I love reassurance. You know that I love actions. You know that I love you and I will live every single day reassuring you too because I am in you and you are in me.


[1: 1,316 of 10,000] Next Is… Marriage?

In Journal on May 16, 2014 at 5:31 PM

I was taken aback when company asks or even preferred their employees to be married as seen on the movie Leap Year. It was even a bit funny that marital status nowadays are quite descriptive like a certain survey site with the below question –

Marital Status

I belong to the “Single – never married” and I will do everything in my power that I shall never be part of the “Divorced”.

Married life… I am looking forward to being in love, tickled to the bones, and live a longer life with the greatest man by my side. Although, I know that I got to work on so many things that I shall be willing to marry me so my best mate gets attracted. I am turning 34 in 18 days and it always shakes me to question where I am and where am I heading?

I have always been attracted with man who is 34 now that I myself is going to be one I get baffled. What was it about 34 and what will I be doing? Whatever are those things it should never be less than amazing. How could I go wrong with my curious mind, excited heart, and with my loving God? Never as long as I keep moving forward, not giving up, and expanding (not in size, geez I got to go to the gym!!! ‘coz every second that ticks I am not getting younger with the best metabolism).

[1: 1,301 of 10,000] It’s Adultery

In Journal on February 13, 2014 at 12:50 AM

Black WeddingIs marriage really scary?

I think committing with somebody you truly love doesn’t feel like a death sentence. The man I am crushing on for quite sometime tied the knot today. He converted into a Muslim so technically as long as he can afford and the first wife agrees he can still marry for the second up to the fourth time. He actually needs to marry more than once because he’s high maintenance and yet I don’t interest to be part of THE WIVES.

I never dream to come second or become a mistress. I should never dare to fantasize about him anymore because no matter how I flip the notion, it’s adultery. I am not going to follow the footsteps of my mother, sister, or cousin and I shall never break not only a woman’s heart but a family’s union. Before I burn my soul, I am saying BYE.

“No more flirting. No more day dreaming. No more picking fight. No more feeling like I got a special spot in your heart. Thank you for getting married today. I am sincerely very happy for you.”

Nothing is pinching my heart. I am more than just fine.

[1: 718 of 10,000] Why Do Writers Kill The Old Husband?

In Article on August 16, 2012 at 11:59 PM

Why do writers like to kill the old husband?

The wife’s common make-up is young, beautiful, and smart who is married to an old and rich or capable husband, and then the ugly husband dies instantly in the story.

Here are 3 perfect movie and television shows that I found old and rich or could afford to give gifts husbands died and the young, beautiful, and smart wives were either ridiculed, judged, or even blamed for the death.

The Widows (L-R): Legally Blonde’s Brooke Taylor Windham, Fairly Legal’s Lauren Reed, and the latest I’ve watched Bunheads’ Michelle Simms.

It does paint real life scenario that people have something to say about age difference and life status, and for a simple writer reason that it is a good twist and a source of drama.

Love between young and old are possible; when I was younger I have the fantasy to choose a man who is my senior because I can be sure he won’t be childish but mature enough to be a real man. As I mature I prefer someone closer to my age. How about a younger man than I am; I am still indifferent about that idea? I didn’t want to even entertain that thought before and now I just don’t find it worth pursuing.

What do you think?