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[1: 406 of 10,000] Am I Adopted?

In Journal, Photo on October 18, 2011 at 12:01 AM

This post fits for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility.

Do you remember our Biology class where we can draw a table and we’ll find out the blood type of the offspring based on the parents’? My mom recently had a blood transfusion for the first time that shook my world. It’s either I have the wrong blood type or I totally have a different mother.

The below table is what I’ve always known, my dad is Type B and my mom is Type AB, and with that us siblings make sense. 50% of the offspring may have AB while the other 50% has B; to do the math we are 3 siblings, I am B and the other 2 are AB. It worked just fine but wait…

During the blood transfusion, the medical experts said that mommy was A+, now if my daddy is still a B; I kind of not part of the picture anymore, don’t I?

Since dad passed away, the only solution is to get my blood type re-checked. If I still find out that I am a B, I guess it’s a bit silly to start searching for my real mom because I am happy with the mom that I have with the siblings attached in the package.