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[1: 2,036 of 10,000] Eckhart’s Point of Staying Awake

In Article on December 5, 2020 at 11:01 AM

There was one video wherein I remembered Eckhart Tolle saying he wanted to stay awake and not to go to bed too soon to enjoy the present moment. I finally understood what he meant. I could feel the flow of joy running through my veins, my mind stops worrying and I could see every single beautiful things surrounding me. I wanted to bathe in that moment of peace and unconditional love.

I don’t do that often though because as a human being, I get tired, I get sleepy, I got work in the morning and I needed my brain well rested to function and produce good works. As much as I wanted to soak the goodness of being truly present, I let go and marvel of the point that sleeping is another form of meditation, releasing any resistance for Life Force to flow through me.

Photo credit: JoelValve on Unsplash

[1: 2,003 of 10,000] Me And My Impatience

In Journal on November 5, 2020 at 8:22 PM

I’ve read, heard and agree –

  • If you’re too busy to pray, you’re too busy.
  • You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday; unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour.

I always remember those words because I have a particularly challenging habit of rushing, making quick decisions because 90% of the time I already know what I want, finishing, and when I encounter obstacles to my flow it stresses me out and oh I tend to juggle too many things on my plate in the first place. Writing the first sentence in this paragraph makes me chuckle because I know exactly what I can efficiently improve, do what’s truly valuable and impactful that makes my heart sings.

I was in a business meeting earlier and I could already feel the impatience building inside me and I felt really bad that I wasn’t gentle on myself and to the host. Now that I’m in the comfort of my sofa, my weekend started, I can go back to reassess my feelings and I’m grateful for getting the opportunity to see where else can I grow to be a kinder person. Life’s too short to be naughty and I want gifts from Santa!

[1: 1,990 of 10,000] What I’ve Learned After 110 Days Streak of Meditating

In Journal on April 11, 2020 at 8:00 PM


My longest streak was 115 days then I got too busy to take care of my mindful need, but currently, I’m back on track and in my 110 days streak, and I hope to keep doing it for the rest of my life.

I usually do it after I wake up in the morning. I’m using the Calm app. I started with a guided meditation. I’m now trying to do a timed meditation of 15 minutes meaning just seating in silent on my yoga mat, always in the same place at my living room facing the window, with crossed leg and my thumb and index finger together (see gnome image).

Meditating taught me to find the stillness in my crowded and clouded mind. During the guided meditation, I was given several techniques on how to concentrate on my breathing. If my mind wanders to things that I need to do for the day, for instance, then I was taught to be kind to myself and simply bring back my attention to my breathing. Tamara Levitt has a soothing voice that made me feel cared for, blessed, and loved unconditionally.

Think about it, reality happens right this moment, and then it flees. It’s my mind that remembers that fill me with movies in my head, making the past to be present instead of me making a conscious and deliberate choice to do something new right now.

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[1: 1,881 of 10,000] Breathe

In Journal on May 26, 2017 at 6:44 PM


I read from a book that a deep meditation can bring someone to a trance, looking like he had fallen asleep then waking up feeling better. I want to experience that.

I want to feel complete surrender of the present, battle the demon in my mind, and then I open my eyes with enough courage to face reality with ease. Then I go again.

I couldn’t seat still because I am anxious about the future and the long list of things to do. The future that holds dreams like a prisoner and as I approach it get released little by little. I have to come to accept that the future holds no power, I must recognize that I live my reality now, a piece of the puzzle of my dreams.

Breathing is the sign of life. If it’s the sign of life, it matters what we breathe in, as it also matters what we breathe out. Breathe in the things that I am capable to control. Breathe out the things that are out of my control. Breathe in blessings and breathe out forgiveness. Breathe in love and breathe out love.

Breathe in… breathe out.

[1: 1,732 of 10,000] Nothing Personal

In Poem on June 24, 2016 at 12:47 AM

Cute Monk

Hush now heart, mind, and soul
It is nothing personal when you are being attacked
Human is scared and protects himself

Love and love even more
Love and love anyway
Despite and amidst the hatred, fight with love

Watch the crippling anger
Pause, let it go, and don’t go back
Don’t let it grow, put it into a halt

Find the centre, the quiet, the peaceful
It exists, in meditation or prayer
Mostly in the act of kindness and forgiveness

Enjoy LIFE
Have courage to be silly, laugh
Do what’s best everyday and learn, that is all that is.