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[1: 1,734 of 10,000] Find Your Songs

In Journal on June 26, 2016 at 6:09 AM


Do you ever feel funky and then you hear a music and every bits of cell in your body begins to become active, happy, and gives you a different leap of inspiration that you can do anything?

I have worried minds when I went to bed last night, thinking so much about the work that I have not finished, had a sluggish dream, got up with my early alarm, made myself a coffee, cooked breakfast, and then played this song…

Rachel Platten – Better Place

I don’t even look at the video because it will crack me up but I just listen and I feel renewed. It’s not the first time, there are certainly some songs that gives me a different boost, is it because the people behind it made it with love and everything from lyrics, melody, and the artist’s voice speak to my soul and made me feel better. A movie has the same effect on me, like when I watch Moneyball.

Find your song, if you got bored with one since you’ve heard it so many times, then find another to get you through your battle of the day, fighting to be great in what you do, giving your best for the task at hand.

Have an exciting day filled with blessings! 😉

[1: 1,337 of 10,000] What Inspiration Feels Like?

In Journal on August 15, 2014 at 10:13 AM

Watch this video –

Enya is singing at the background while a view of Dubai Airport is being shown. I have my EarPods on and I could feel every beat, I get serenaded by Enya’s angelic voice, the violin and the rest of the symphony speaks to my soul, and I get extremely inspired. I am in awe every time a music affects me so much, I appreciate the talent and could really sense a true gift emitting true love exponentially in a very magical way.

So you know what goes on in my head, in my heart, and in every inch of my being when I am inspired?

I wanted to change the world, I want every human being to feel the happiness and peace that I feel, I want to solve all the challenges of every one I love, I wanted to be like our dearest God to just shower gifts to the world, and I become grateful to God for all His blessings – and oh it brings tear to my eyes, the happy tears.

What do you feel when you’re inspired?