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[1: 2,052 of 10,000] My 2021 Minimalism Project

In Article on February 22, 2021 at 8:31 PM

I pose myself a challenge to embrace a sense of minimalism in 2021.

Ground rules:

  • Declutter my belongings by giving it away or cleaning up and saying good bye for good.
  • I also take another step that I won’t be purchasing any material things for myself except the consumable necessities like toiletry and food. Instead, I’ll book or buy myself experience like getting a new hair color, a massage, or a hypnosis session.

How am I doing so far with two months almost closing in?

  • I was able to clean my closet and other home items that I gave away to someone who may benefit from it.
  • I’ve clean up some of my scrap books but I know I can do better for this and I’ll schedule that in April.
  • I also need to revisit my journals, notebooks and notes whether to type it out or throw since I’ve outgrown the ideas I’ve captured or moving forward I have to be a more organized creator.
  • I can do better for our household supplies, to edit and then store nicely.
  • I wasn’t able to stop myself to purchase two new books and two new blouses but for some lucky turn of events, I’ve won a cash prize that would right off the cost. I’ve given away books and clothes so the new stuff did find a place in my library and closet.

What changed in me in this project?

  • I have a habit of buying items on a spur of the moment, that’s out of my therapy.
  • Since there is a global pandemic and I don’t plan to travel, I am more comfortable that I don’t need to create looks.
  • I did notice that I am giving more care to the clothes that I have because I know they’re all I’ve got and I’m grateful that I own the things that gives me joy or fits me.
  • I feel much calmer that our home is even less heavier and it’s giving me a great breathing space. The items I have becomes more intentional and sacred that delight me.
  • I feel accomplished and proud of myself that I am going to save more by the end of the year to fund my passion project and I save time from shopping material things and instead devote time to learning and writing.
  • The environment must approved that I’m not accumulating things but I’m enriching my soul with the experience that I focus instead.

It’s ten more months and it feels nice challenging myself to shift my mind and stop my usual go-to materialistic nature. I have nothing to prove to myself but the feeling of gratification that I love the comfort that my home brings me and I’m grateful to the life that I co-create with the Universe.

Photo credit: Samantha Gades on Unsplash

[1: 2,035 of 10,000] Yes To 2021 Minimalism

In Project on December 4, 2020 at 10:32 AM

I have been saying to myself that I will declutter our apartment. Note that I said “our” apartment because I live with my youngest sister who loves to shop, and we have a different definition of what’s too much.

It’s been two years that I have been saying, “This is the year that I’ll live a minimalist life!” and I’m hopeful that next year would really be it.

Let me breakdown what I know about minimalism and the rule of thumb that I’ll commit to:

  1. Minimalism is creating more space, not to fill, but to be able to breathe.
  2. It doesn’t mean that I will give up my love for books and notebooks, those that gives me joy stay.
  3. I don’t need ten mugs if there’s only two people living in the apartment.
  4. We don’t need ten canvass bags! I have to negotiate with sissy about this because she’s obsess with canvass bags, and also clothes, shoes, make-up, etc.
  5. We don’t need twenty pillow cases if there’s only five pillows in use at a time.
  6. I can let go of the old magazines and empty boxes.
  7. I love books but I can share the knowledge and give out those that I’ve already read and outgrown.
  8. I can stop thinking about I might need this in the future, it’s time to donate those items.
  9. Next year, I will only shop for the consumable things (like Shampoo, fill my car with fuel, etc.) and to have an experience. No more shopping for new clothes, new books and new notebooks.
  10. I can do this, which means I have to do all the shopping this year. LOL! I just bought my three new books yesterday online, and that should be enough.

Photo credit: Alex Loup on Unsplash