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[1: 1,855 of 10,000] Vegetables

In Journal on January 9, 2017 at 11:52 PM


I am not overly dramatic but miracles happened every time visible on circumstance that couldn’t be explained. It might not even be obvious in the beginning but how could the mere human understanding could known.

Vegetables are not naturally the type of food products that I will immediately chose but sudden eruption of food allergies forced me to. I have shopped for my current favorite root products and it gave me peace of mind and joy when I was looking at it tonight and cooked myself a simple dish. Simple but made me thankful or my body was shouting with so much joy for feeding it with the right stuffs.

Being present and observant get me grateful, now that’s something.


[1: 1,638 of 10,000] If There’s Only One Prayer I Need To Learn

In Prayer on November 1, 2015 at 5:51 AM

ShowIf there’s only one prayer that I need to learn, may it be to say “thank you for all the beautiful and challenging matters that are going on in my life,” because then I amplify what’s good and I’ll be given the courage to face what’s not easy.

I was so used of not understanding the power of “thank you” but now I know that it helps even better to make everything looks beautiful, breezy, and absolutely delightful for every surprise that pops up.

I love books and finances are tight that I just couldn’t splurge spending, not right now, and what the universe sees as a solution is sending different people who are even located in different countries to send me books to read. How kind and generous is the God who sees my deepest desires and answers them in His most amazing ways.

I will never understand everything, His majestic plan, but every once in awhile, He lets me see a glimpse and it’s magnificent and I feel all right despite the odds that I have to conquer.

Dear God,

Thank you God for yet another beginning of the month where I know you would be there supporting me with my endeavours. Thank you that I am able to stand tall and with energy to keep moving forward. Thank you for the strength that you continue to bestow upon me to overcome my inner resistance.

Thank you that you allow me to serve you…

What would you have me do?

Where would you have me go?

What would you have me say and to whom?

I am sorry whenever I get lost of my path. I am sorry that I couldn’t control my ego that demands an audience. I am sorry I get a little mad because I get defeated by my fears to start and finish.

I need you God. Only with your love that I feel comforted. With your peace and blessings that my works are anointed. Bless me that today I will remain calm and accomplish great works to honor you, to honor the gifts that you’ve given me, and to honor you through the people that I serve.

This I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

[1: 1,606 of 10,000] Something Magical About October

In Journal on October 1, 2015 at 6:15 AM


There is something magical about October, it’s like heaven whispering to my ears that great news kept coming in, more abundance are pouring, new experience will excite me, and there are endless wonderful people to meet.

Thank you for this peace and the love bursting out from my heart. It is true that when I focus on the beautiful feelings and attitude, I could experience it even more. It’s a wonderful state and I invite you to be there.

My heart still feel the sadness, pain, and fear that others live by but I am not anxious because I know God will find ways to reach them and the great thing about it is He uses us, the extraordinary people, with an amazing love to share.

Have an October 1st filled with amazing surprises. 🙂

There is something magical about October… simply because I believed it to be so.

[1: 1,475 of 10,000] More People Look Happy

In Journal on May 23, 2015 at 10:17 PM


I am pretty happy that more people seemed to look happy. I am staying too long in Instagram where everything appeared to be glamorous, simple but fun, delicately staged but quite creative, and life is interpreted as special that’s full of wonders to be discovered and shared to the world.

It’s like the piece of movie that you get a glimpse but we all don’t know the story of the journey, that the photograph at the bottom left took more shots than one until this particular light in this particular filter was perfect for publication.

In life, we often do not know the struggle, the heartache, the pain, and we thought success is easy. If it’s easy, everybody will be successful, but it’s not because it entails not just love and passion, but the actual time and energy to devote and accomplish not one time but series of sweat and blood works that have ultimate directions.

I am really being silly right now in my life. I know what I want and I am completely screwed on how to get them. I couldn’t figure out the heavy blockage, and I am too anxious to calm down. I am scared that if I don’t figure this out, I am going to lose my mind, yes that’s the worse that could happen.

I am still begging for miracle for the final week of May 2015. I hope one day, (which I’m sure it will certainly happen, I know it in my soul) I will read this post again and laugh at myself with all these confusions and utter with the sweetest smile and say, “God, you’ve always got my back, thank you and I love you too.”

[1: 1,472 of 10,000] Is This Digging My Own Grave?

In Poem on May 20, 2015 at 10:05 PM

I’m scared!
I’m freaking out!
Am I opening the Pandora’s Box?
I think I open it all over again.

I don’t want next week to come
I’m worried for my upcoming birthday
Without having what I really really need
Away from him and a new life

I saw his latest photo
He’s so darn cute
Is this really happening
Am I going back?

I humbly summon you
Blast to reality next week
Please please for my birthday please


[1: 1,414 of 10,000] Good News: Opportunities Are Endless

In Article on March 16, 2015 at 10:24 AM

Isn’t that beautiful – Good News: Opportunities Are Endless!!!

Let us pause a moment and enjoy that one statement.

I heard about the old saying, if you’re not ready, then it becomes a lost opportunity; but if they continue the string of thoughts… but opportunities are endless, continue doing what you love and be on to the next one or create the next opportunity.

Creating Opportunities in Your Engineering Career is Easier Than You Think

Again, take a moment, and let it sink in – Opportunities are endless.

As long as we are breathing we can do something, the moment we die then it is probably out of our control but a work created out of passion lingers and lives on.

What is your hesitation? What is your fear? Silent that little annoying voice inside your head that stopped you for doing what you were meant to do, even it requires hard work, go for it, never give up, never lose hope and faith, and keep believing on miracles.

It’s a beautiful day to be alive.

[1: 1,231 of 10,000] Have Peace

In Journal on December 5, 2013 at 7:29 PM
As 2013 comes to an end, it is good to start feeling fresh a.k.a. peaceful and this photo is a good reminder of just that especially for myself –
In my busy stressful life, I start shutting down and drift to loneliness but I am taking control. I get a 3-day leave, I shut off work phones and laptops at home, and I pay attention to my body’s need. I smile, I sleep, and I dream.
No more DRAMA, no more wrong movies in my head, and I am being optimistic of my present and definitely the future ahead! I don’t know how my backlogs will turn out but I know I would pour love into my work and miracle will do the rest.

[1: 496 of 10,000] Next Time You See A Belly Button

In Article on January 3, 2012 at 9:32 PM

Photo Source: Womensecret.com

Next time you question that the world doesn’t show you a miracle, just look at a belly button and you’ll be reminded that you started as a dot that grew with 10 toes, 10 fingers, and a tiny beating heart all nurtured inside a mother’s womb for 9 months.

Next time you get tired of your mother’s insistent childish requests, just look at a belly button and be reminded that she was connected to you without doubt on her part to give you nourishment in her every breath for 9 months.

Next time you feel sad, look at a belly button and remember that that hole was a reminder of 1 life, which we need to live with our best without hesitations but full of excitement, adventure, and doing everything with our seal of love.

Now tell me, how much do you love your belly button?

[1: 214 of 10,000] Rush

In Article on May 16, 2011 at 1:26 AM

I am doing this post on Sunday just after midnight and have delighted to use the magic of technology as I’ve learned on January 4 from Scott Berkun. To be honest when I first read about Scheduling I was hesitant to use it because of creativity, training, and detail reasons but I have finally appreciated its essence.

I have a goal of finishing my first batch of 10,000 posts and I have to make sure if the time allows and creativity kicks in, I should write more than one a day; but the whole point of scheduling is to use it when I know for sure that I have no access for publishing online. I’ll be very busy later and tomorrow and I am serious about committing of at least Post A Day so this is kind of a discipline challenge that I should come up with a descent read that I can share to my blog visitors.

Where am I going? We rushed mom at the emergency last Friday and we’ve chosen that she also get admitted to find out what is really wrong for the throbbing tummy, morphine is her preferred pain killer, which is not really a good shot but her best bet to stop crying and thinking about dying. My sweet sister was with her throughout so I got to do my share to visit, know what’s happening, and bring fresh clothes Sunday evening after work. It’s going to be a long 2 days.

A lot of being on the road again and I'd be seeing sands and some greens in between.

Please pray for my mom to get the best health and pure bliss. Thank you!