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[1: 2,019 of 10,000] Afraid of Making Mistakes

In List on November 19, 2020 at 8:33 PM
Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

I have gone through so much in life that I already know what I don’t like to happen again. I started being scared of what have happened to the people closest to me that I take every positive course so I can to avoid every single one.

What am I afraid of?

  • Be in a position to ask someone who am not close to for loan. I don’t have any loan from a bank or from anyone at this point and I’m so keen of keeping it that way.
  • Die of heart attack like my father or suffer cancer and eventually passed like my mother. It’s my responsibility to take care of my health if I want to have the vibrancy to live.
  • Be pregnant out of wedlock or from an illicit affair because I believe children need a healthy family to grow up. A family member had an affair and had a child, and no one took care of the child.
  • Marry the wrong person because I don’t want to go through separation or divorce. I have always believed marriage is supposed to be sacred and binding as long as both are living.
  • Die alone in my own home and will only be found after a few days. It happened to one of my college adviser and I thought that’s sad.

There are more fears that I have to take a look, and while am looking at them, I have to be patient of my inner child to know that it’s okay to feel those sadness and worries, but after that I got to focus on the positive things.

I’m here to live a human experience and expand my soul. I’m here to be willing to step into the unknown, be ready to make unintentional mistakes, learn, and take another shot. It’s good that I value things, to have a stand, but not on the point of only focusing on what’s bad but as fast as I can look at the opposite of my fear and have only that in my attention.

I also have to remember, whenever I am choosing to be afraid, I am saying no to love. Loving in life is the right way, the easy way, and yet I am okay to have a little hiccup if it means I’ll grow stronger and wiser having my experience as my own teacher. Today, I’m not afraid of making mistake, I am more for being able to live!

[1: 1,879 of 10,000] Learning Failure

In Journal on May 20, 2017 at 11:00 PM

I am avoiding making mistakes; then I forego the notion of daring the unknown. I am afraid that outside my comfort zone is equivalent to I am a failure. Yet the itch of not growing shouts so loud from my core.

I am avoiding disagreement with anyone; then I settle to being silent and not seeing the change of getting the present situation to improve for the better. I am afraid that I will not be heard and that my ideas are but a failure.

Will I stay afraid? I don’t want to not use my freedom to be great. I will entertain failure as my teacher. I will embrace mistakes so I may blossom.

Tonight I will sleep and when I see the sun rises tomorrow when I become awake, it is my sign that I have another chance to live life with courage.

[1: 1,794 of 10,000] My Biggest Travel Mistakes

In List on November 6, 2016 at 12:00 AM


  1. Not checking the weather and then packing the wrong clothes.
  2. Overpacking.
  3. Under packing.
  4. Not having a plan even if at the end you’ll discard the plan.
  5. Fighting with travel companion instead of enjoying the tour.
  6. Leaving loose ends at work ending working during travel or thinking about the office.
  7. Not reading about the country visiting for the first time. It helps to appreciate history if you actually read about it.
  8. Too much itinerary that it’s more of a pain like too much walking or rushing to the next one than appreciating the essence of the place.
  9. Not signing a reliable tour guide.
  10. Booking a hotel away from the city proper.

[1: 207 of 10,000] In Honor of Good Old Jackson

In Article on May 10, 2011 at 9:40 PM

They say whenever the question what was your greatest mistake is being asked especially in a wide audience the person on the spot won’t be able to answer. As Scott Berkun stated ‘I doubt you’ve made a mistake that killed anyone’ yes I didn’t but if I think about my previous mistakes what popped out –

  1. I still need to work on my patience. My friends always say I’m a good daughter and a sister but I still think I am not good enough because there are so many times in the past that I took them for granted. I am a work in progress and as I grow older, I now know which word and action could hurt their feelings and could eventually break my heart too.
  2. I am sorry that I hired the wrong successor of Editor-in-Chief for my college’s yearbook. I was a great leader publishing our batch’s profile and I thought I’ve chosen the right one to stand in my place for the upcoming graduates. She stole the money of the subscribers and the graduating class of 2002 was left without a memorabilia. I am disheartened for my wrong choice. I know it isn’t entirely my fault that she didn’t do her responsibility and even committed a crime; but if only I could have sensed that and picked the right person. The next time I hire, I’ll make it right.
  3. I am still not living my passion in my every breathing moment. I owe that to myself and to the world. I am doing something about it right now and I will not stop until I live the day with so much gusto I can bless the people around me with my pure love for doing what I do best. I am scared to take the risk but I know it isn’t a smart calculated risk, but I am not giving up. I am not stopping.

In honor of good old Jackson, we arrive to perfection by experiencing what are the wrong things to not repeat; I am thankful for the existence of ‘sorry’ and ‘forgiveness’ because with those we can then again begin.