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[1: 1,896 of 10,000] This Moment

In Poem on September 21, 2017 at 11:55 AM

This moment is the most important
The moment that I catch myself breathing
Letting the air in
Letting my air out

What goes on in my head is not necessarily the truth
What I feel do not represent my conviction
What I have and don’t have do not represent me
Who I am is pure



[1: 1,858 of 10,000] The Illusion of Time

In Poem on January 11, 2017 at 10:44 PM


Don’t get fooled

I can create time

There is always time for the things that I want

Excuses for the one I don’t

This moment is the one that truly counts


Right this moment

With my heart beating

Living peace





[1: 1,676 of 10,000] Little Moments

In Journal on January 18, 2016 at 9:14 PM

Casey Neistat from his most recent vlog spoke about little moments wherein he suggested that the moment we become very present, even if it’s a simple mundane moment, our brain is able to remember it. I believe that.

I was in the Philippines in a public transportation called jeepney (see below photo, it’s a transportation smaller than a regular bus that fits about 18 passengers, usually with no airconditioning unit) and I vividly remember the feeling, a moment, the setting, I told myself I will remember looking at this road, thinking about good life dreams, and the mere conviction that I am moving forward.


Have you ever tried it? Not yet? Try it! Pause and remember a moment.

[1: 1,597 of 10,000] We Are Where We Are Supposed To Be

In Article on September 22, 2015 at 7:08 AM


Allow me to indulge you to the thought that “We are where we are supposed to be, we’ve been to where we should have been, and we’ll be where we should be.”

Don’t you like that feeling that we’re not hanging with the notion that it was a mistake, something is off, or the mere point that we aren’t supposed to be in it. The moment we stopped looking for escape to where we should be is the beginning of living in the present, being aware to what is happening right now, and we’ll be engaged to be part of it instead of wondering about the past or future.

The urge within us that speaks about discomfort and unsatisfaction is indeed a good sign to make a move but maybe what I am trying to share here is never to feel regret or be sorry that we’ve experienced pain and laughter and count them all as a mistake.

A lot of the situations in our life happened because we need it for our growth, the crucial exercise to leap us up for our next adventure, and the best attitude that we should carry is (1) have a positive vibe, (2) be open for learning, and (3) enjoy life as it is. This moment right now, you, reading this post, is what you have, once you leave this reading, it no longer exist, it’s in the past, and then your eyes open up with a new now and savour it.

[1: 887 of 10,000] The Day I Stopped Taking Exaggerated Number of Photos

In Photo on January 5, 2013 at 5:07 PM

The Dream

It is nice to take photos of beautiful places because you want to remember it but when the day comes that you can simply go back to that magnificent place anytime or better yet you wake up everyday with it – taking photos wouldn’t be necessary and you can simply breathe in and out while relaxing and chilling.

Living Vacation ♥

The Dream 🙂