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[1: 1,739 of 10,000] There Is Always Something That Goes Wrong

In Journal on July 1, 2016 at 6:09 PM

Do More

Do you ever stop and wonder why is there so much hatred that hurt people? Will you ever also wonder why you yourself caused pain on other? Is the answer lies in the statement, hurt people hurt?

You see a book and you know an author made that. If you see the world do you believe about an ALL who made it ALL including you and me?

Bad things can disheartened and even freeze us to move to a better place. It is true that there is always something that goes wrong but let us watch where our focus and reaction. Focus that despite bad there is something good that can be drawn out of it. Reaction must be learning, acceptance, forgiveness, and be courageous to start again.

Start the seed of inspiration to positivity even in just that true one thing that you’re thankful for. Go on.