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[1: 1,557 of 10,000] Answering In Quora

In Review on August 13, 2015 at 3:01 PM

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I recently joined Quora and it is making me answer questions with real perspective, to answer with an open mind and clear intentions, and it’s like walking on a very thin ice because I am posting with my real name and even display a biography who I believe as to where my point of view is coming from. It’s a good practice to writing well too especially on disecting a question without having all the facts from the person asking the question; and I lay ground a possible path that tells a story and easy to follow.

A lot of the people there are educated and a lot of the questions there were answerable by a regular folk like me who couldn’t be acting foolishly as to not send the wrong advice. Online forum gives everyone the freedom to speak their mind, but it takes a decent person to post with the right amount of intelligence and humanity to not offend, to disagree respectfully, and to bring light of a solution.

I am careful that I only answer the questions that I can be certain that it is going to be helpful. Getting an “upvote” other than the person asking the question is my hope that I can inspire or enlighten someone new. Otherwise, it isn’t a spank to my ego that I “pass” or I do not reply to remarks that don’t encourage a healthy intellectual exchange. It is important for me that I am authentic, that I can walk my talk, and I am grateful that my answers give someone peace of mind.

I am putting myself in the front row and I consult that God gives me the right wisdom to say what I believe is good to the right person.

Are you a member of Quora? How was your experience?

[1: 1,434 of 10,000] #GirlBoss

In Review on April 10, 2015 at 2:04 PM


It’s now one of my favourite business books and it doesn’t even sound very businessy because the author Sophia Amoruso wrote it like how she learned not from a business school but from real life experience.

This Founder and Owner of the million dollar & very successful NastyGal.com fashion online store is a definite kick-ass!! And I’m not even exaggerating. It would be nice that whatever was written in the book was indeed authentic because if I’m treating it like really genuine, she rocks! The secret of her success is the combination of doing what she’s good at, loving everything she does, learning, loving her customer, listening, aiming to succeed, and working her butt off. It was not simple, it was smart and entails a lot of hard work.

My sister is not really fun of reading books so what I am going to do is read her every night before we go to bed; that way she learns business in a very real life scenario kind of way from one cool lady. I’m treating the book as a fairytale book for adult; dreams do come true and magic is real!