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[1: 1,867 of 10,000] Is This A Craving To Be A Parent?

In Journal on January 22, 2017 at 10:40 PM


I could feel the drive of a parent, to be a determined and responsible for a new human life. A parent even has a creed to give more than he ever enjoyed in his life for the sake of his child. A parent becomes selfless and turned into a superhero.

It crossed my mind what kind of child will I conceive in this world? Will it look like me having half of my DNA? But I got to remind myself that I don’t own the child, it has a faith of its own. Will I be used as a contributor? Will I have Abraham’s legacy to have as many offsprings as the countless stars?

I wanted to create a business empire where there is honesty, enjoyment, and growth. I want to serve with kindness, inspiration, and love. I wanted to find my tribe so we can do it together. Oh how I long for this, my baby.

Photo source: Mt. Hope Family Center

[1: 1,569 of 10,000] Dreaming About Mom

In Journal on August 25, 2015 at 11:00 PM

Mom and ChildIts been three years since my mom passed away but I keep dreaming about her. Almost every night I dream of her.

In my dream, I never remember that she’s gone. Everything seems normal and I don’t always recognise all the set-up.

Have I not grieve properly?

Was she worried about me?

Is she requesting for prayers?

Was I thinking about her for following her advice that whenever you don’t like a man to be part of your life, ran far away? I just did that but I don’t thinkI have successfully forgotten him.

Have I dishonored her in some way for my previous decisions?

I am really clueless why she kept appearing in my dreams.

It’s almost time for bed again and let me see if she’ll be in my dream again.