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[1: 1,885 of 10,000] There Are People

In Poem on June 25, 2017 at 3:50 AM

There are people who are alone
There are people who are attached
There are people who have lost both parents
There are people who got stepparents

There are people who knew love
There are people who felt love
There are people who abandoned love
There are people who could not recognize love

There are people who I want to be
There are people who wanted to be me
There are people who see the world as it is
There are people who see the soul of the world

There are people
There are people
There are people
There are people

[1: 1,865 of 10,000] Oh Love

In Journal on January 18, 2017 at 10:03 AM


My latest lesson is about love.

I started from listening to Mandy Len Catron’s TED talk about “A better way to talk about love.” People are used to the notion that falling in love is getting mad and crazy; so she shared a better metaphor, which is “Love is a collaborative work of art.” This then allows men to decide what love would looks like.

The movie Inferno (2016) shared interesting lines about love: “Love awakens the soul to act,” spoken by Bertrand Zobrist. This line puzzled me as I seem to have a sleeping soul, pausing and not in action. Do I know what really love is?

So I always go back to 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, that makes a great sense as my guide:
is patient
is kind
does not envy
does not boast
is not proud
does not dishonor others
is not self-seeking
is not easily angered
keeps no record of wrong
does not delight in evil
rejoices with the truth
always protects
always trusts
always hopes
always perseveres

How about you, what is your definition of love?

[1: 1,851 of 10,000] I And We

In Article on January 7, 2017 at 2:51 AM


I am still not convinced what mission do I have to have the privilege to exist in this world. Or maybe that is my problem that I try to give meaning for things to happen. If I completely surrender and let go of my ego that I am particularly special then maybe I could simply say that I exist.

I exist. I am here. I breathe.

What I do in my existence is a matter of my choice. I am given the freewill to do as I please and in every act I would reap the consequence or simply I must expect that there is a reaction to be elicited in my every move or even inaction. And further on I could also just surrender the result and not be melodramatic about it.

It is important to believe that I am important but not to think that I more important than anyone as everybody is equally valuable. The uniqueness of every  individual is fascinatingly beautiful. I just expertly build up my wall and tricked myself into thinking that I am in a different league but it can’t be as the source is just one.

We are connected. We are one.

Now that I know that I exist and I have to exist with other; which law should I abide to have order? Who would I trust to lead and manage? It is why there are sacred values to uphold like being honest, giving my best, and being kind. As intricate as the body composition is, the more layer that is applicable to be respectful with one another. When I rip everything off, what’s left?


[1: 1,841 of 10,000] Speak Good

In Journal on December 26, 2016 at 10:20 PM


Are you tired of bad things happening around us?

Are you complaining about a close family member not doing well?

Are you pissed about an annoying friend?



Instead of saying the bad things, be a prophet and wish them well. Pray for the good things that you hope for them. You do love them right? It shouldn’t be so hard to focus on the good and wish only for more nice things to happen.

The world needs LOVE. The Food Network has a show called the Holiday Baking Championship and I’ve seen Season 2, which was lovely to watch because the competitors were kind with one another. They are not ruthless, cutthroat, or deceiving instead they truly enjoy baking sweets and were sweet with all the contestants. If only we do that in real life, this world is just lovely!

[1: 1,832 of 10,000] Not A Decade Late

In Journal on December 12, 2016 at 11:09 AM


No one can really tell what the future holds, we can only taste the essence of love and hope, but beyond that the details are unknown.

It will never be my right to judge the decision of people today because the future can only tell if it was meant to be.

So zip it Yor, it’s the last time you’ll ever question the birth of your nephew. No more why now and not later? Let it be.

[1: 1,824 of 10,000] Have You Found Your Look Alike?

In Article on December 2, 2016 at 9:01 AM


If you study people, you can actually find somebody you absolutely don’t know or unrelated to you and still have facial resemblance. It is weird but back in college, I have a look alike, leaving my ego behind, she really was my look alike. I never dare to meet her and say hey we can be twins, because I don’t want people to make fun of us. I have a reputation to uphold, and bringing my ego in I wanted to have a pristine record by myself.

Go to Google Image and type look alike and you’ll see how possible it is to find us in others. It could also happen that it depends on the onlooker. Depending on who’s looking, some of our family friends said my mother and I looked alike; but others see my youngest sisters and my mother looked alike. My youngest sister and I don’t look alike at all.

What is the point in all these? Our body is like a suit. It is true that our internal expressions can be reflected outside, by a look you’ll see if a person is confident, happy, sad, excited or furious; but our true essence as a spirit being is more than the body suit that we put on as Gary Zukav described it.

It’s comforting to know that we are all putting our suit the moment we were born but why can’t we be kinder enough with one another to encourage each other? Is it because we were all assigned with our own character to play?

[1: 1,815 of 10,000] I Want To Understand You

In Question on November 26, 2016 at 10:01 AM

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 8.33.12 AM.png

I want to understand you, is it too ambitious to say that if I couldn’t even understand myself?

How will I connect with you as another soul? Didn’t they say we are connected in a very intricate way?

Why can’t I care for you? Or love all of you? Is it possible only when I have learned to care and love myself?


[1: 1,811 of 10,000] The World Needs More Kindness

In Article on November 22, 2016 at 7:03 AM


Do you see how mean we are with one another and to ourselves? Where is kindness in all these pictures?

In driving alone, you’ll pick up evidence of ruthlessness. A car at the fast lane flashes his lights so the car in front of him move quickly away only for him to switch lane after twenty meters in the first place. Driving irresponsibly not thinking about his own safety and of others.

At work, we play our power so well that we forget that there is a human being across the table. We like to get ahead at the expense of someone.

We bashed ourselves with the imperfections that we possess.

Kindness is not a sign of weakness, may we have more strength to exercise it.

[1: 1,803 of 10,000] Appearance

In Article on November 14, 2016 at 12:00 AM


There’s a new test that will identity a man’s DNA. A man who always believed is one race turned out to be so many races.

Appearance can be deceiving, confusing, and misleading. So where do we stand?

We have to recognize that we’re human and a citizen of the world. We are divided by tribes that makes us a little bit more relatable but should not be used as a barrier not to connect with other groups. We have to be sensitive and forgiving to move on and learn from the past hurt and mistakes. We have to enjoy life but be sensibly productive that would allow us to live harmoniously. Yes, if that how simple it would be but not impossible.

[1: 1,729 of 10,000] I Watch People

In Article on June 21, 2016 at 11:33 PM


What I know is that the ultimate way to truly feel successful in this lifetime is to serve the people. I examined myself and I know that I don’t like everyone. Then it occurred to me that I don’t have to although a part of me questioned why couldn’t I.

While enjoying my late lunch at a mall’s food court today, I was watching the people. I wondered what are they thinking and how could I like this person despite not liking how he looked like. I do have the habit of finding what’s beautiful about a person without necessarily knowing who he is. I even think that God lives within each of us and that makes us all connected. Could I be capable of loving everyone, or may be at least be polite and move along…

I don’t like to pretend and I really don’t see the sense of being too nice to everybody, I couldn’t do that, it’s impossible especially if everybody is dealing their own baggages. Maybe in time? This is bothering me, maybe I need to redefine the type of successful life that I like. Maybe so.