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[1: 1,803 of 10,000] Appearance

In Article on November 14, 2016 at 12:00 AM


There’s a new test that will identity a man’s DNA. A man who always believed is one race turned out to be so many races.

Appearance can be deceiving, confusing, and misleading. So where do we stand?

We have to recognize that we’re human and a citizen of the world. We are divided by tribes that makes us a little bit more relatable but should not be used as a barrier not to connect with other groups. We have to be sensitive and forgiving to move on and learn from the past hurt and mistakes. We have to enjoy life but be sensibly productive that would allow us to live harmoniously. Yes, if that how simple it would be but not impossible.

[1: 1,729 of 10,000] I Watch People

In Article on June 21, 2016 at 11:33 PM


What I know is that the ultimate way to truly feel successful in this lifetime is to serve the people. I examined myself and I know that I don’t like everyone. Then it occurred to me that I don’t have to although a part of me questioned why couldn’t I.

While enjoying my late lunch at a mall’s food court today, I was watching the people. I wondered what are they thinking and how could I like this person despite not liking how he looked like. I do have the habit of finding what’s beautiful about a person without necessarily knowing who he is. I even think that God lives within each of us and that makes us all connected. Could I be capable of loving everyone, or may be at least be polite and move along…

I don’t like to pretend and I really don’t see the sense of being too nice to everybody, I couldn’t do that, it’s impossible especially if everybody is dealing their own baggages. Maybe in time? This is bothering me, maybe I need to redefine the type of successful life that I like. Maybe so.

[1: 1,704 of 10,000] Rules Can Be Bent

In Article on May 10, 2016 at 12:35 AM


Yes, rules are important to have order in life.

Certain places are marked for entry and exit. Imagine if we all force ourselves to enter a road where everyone is going out, it would be chaos. Rules are set to maintain order and prevent accidents.

And yet, we can bend rules. We can persevere to find a loophole in order to win, in order to change what could have always been, and if our cause is good then it is all right but what if it’s not? How will we justify something so wrong and we feel passionate about it to make it happen; like NO is your answer but wait for it that I’ll change your mind until you say YES.

Where do we draw the line? It was not logic but discrimination against colored people existed in some countries and it was perceived to be right by the white. Where is the saving grace?

FORGIVENESS. It is in forgiveness that we acknowledge something had happened but we accept the repentance, we believed we are not always strong, wise, and right, we learn, and then we move forward.

[1: 1,660 of 10,000] The Sense Of Every Thing Is Temporary

In Article on November 23, 2015 at 5:58 AM

It does feel new that I could grasp the concept that every thing in this world is temporary. I don’t need to hold on because I knew in my gut that it has an end, even I will cease to exist to most likely without warning. With this realisation, I get to live more to what is present, I still worry as my intellect come up with new possibilities of bad scenarios that might happen in the future and tapping conveniently on my fears but still nevertheless I know in my inner self that it doesn’t matter.

The pain I havoc on to myself and to others are nothing but a pigment of my imagination and self-sabotage unless I find the common ground of giving my best at hand. Without the slightest hint of indecency and dishonesty, if I am giving the love I got right now, those are what counts. I get bugged down for expecting something better from others and those where the times that more so that I let go because I could not always control matters on to my own hands.

I couldn’t see the future but I hold on to the belief that I am okay right now and I am able to speak to someone bigger than any thing, any human, and any impossibility. It doesn’t feel like a lunacy that I could feel that I will never be alone and unloved, and it’s a comfort to keep moving, keep growing gradually, and never giving up on beauty, hope, dream, peace, and love.

[1: 1,655 of 10,000] I’ve Met Death That I See Life Differently

In Journal on November 18, 2015 at 1:02 PM

Black Flower

I’ve met death so many times that I know that life isn’t forever until this body that I have and this persona that I show up for ceases. Since I understood that it is not going to last forever, anything that makes me sad doesn’t need to last forever. I have the opportunity to always change my destiny or I was given the eyes to find what’s beautiful in every situation without bitching about what’s going wrong.

I don’t need to give in to people’s call for drama. I am trying very hard to don’t get affected and checking if people are truly truthful with their words and intentions. I don’t need to question their own fears because it is a battle they need to overcome. May my simple peace bring them the calmness and bring down the walls they’ve succcesfully built on their own to hurt themselves by being senselessly argumentative and defensive.

The world is giving so many wonders that I am grateful for. I am happy whenever I release laughters. I couldn’t believe the blessings that kept pouring in. I am particularly delighted whenever I am given with amazing surprises. 🙂

[1: 1,625 of 10,000] Knowing My Self-worth

In Article on October 20, 2015 at 7:14 AM


I love myself. I got to love myself in order to have the capacity to love others even better. I love myself so I would have the endurance to stay being curious and excited about life. Heck in reality, I am even kinder to others especially to my loved ones than to myself and that needs improvement.

Unless I establish my self-worth then I wouldn’t feel at peace, I would constantly wonder and wander from all the different places and forget that it starts within me. I should never be at the mercy of other people but it should start by loving myself and knowing that I deserve love, respect and attention. Anyone who won’t give me that isn’t a reflection that they don’t want to give it to me, it just happened that they have their own world to deal with and I don’t always need to be in it, and it’s okay. 🙂

The key to this exercise is never have an entanglement or an attachment of an outcome. I have to entertain myself and move on to my next adventure unless I am for a result that involved that human being. Kissing each other’s asses isn’t necessary but recognising the talent is crucial to established ground of having someone that we can depend on. Have I grown too mature and old that I already really see when people speak too much of their pain and fear than really speaking with value for the betterment of others? Ah, the beauty of learning, of non-judgment, but most of all the delight in speaking the truth.

[1: 1,617 of 10,000] What Is The True Definition of Happiness?

In Question on October 12, 2015 at 6:01 AM


Do I really know the true definition of happiness?

Do I know the instance that would make me say that would make me happy?!

Material things can give comfort and pride but they will never make my happiness lasts.

Success will contribute to my happiness, learning, and growth but it is never enough since the journey is a lot more meaningful.

Family, friends, acquiantances, colleagues, and strangers get on with their life that I could only be part of a glimpse of their joy.

Where then happiness truly lies that is consistent?

I believe it is exactly the moment that I grasp that I am in the present. I can consult my spirit that I have joy being with the world with good intention. I am content that I have given my best and I am grateful. It is the peace that grounds me and connects me with the holiness that would burst my heart with a smile, then a giggle, and then a laughter that would not even require an action because it just shines through.

[1: 1,616 of 10,000] Mystery

In Poem on October 11, 2015 at 9:44 PM


Rumbling river

Cascading water

Crashing the stones

Without a blister

It’s free


Joining the bigger body

It takes time

But it’ll reach home

[1: 1,614 of 10,000] Lazy Has Excuses!

In Article on October 9, 2015 at 11:27 PM

ExcuseI am not going to do that, I should stop thinking about it now, I can do that tomorrow, I am not supposed to be responsible of that etc. etc. I couldn’t emphasize enough that lazy has so many excuses.

Is it lazy when you knew you grew tired and need a break? Is it wise that being adult must always come from me?

If I am being honest, I know exactly when I am allowing “lazy” to kick-in. I also remember every clever excuses my mind will talk me out to do or not do something whether important or not important.

The attitude that really works for me is –

  1. Do it if I really need to do it instead of having the task lingers in my head that wouldn’t give me peace.
  2. So what if I’m doing it again as long as I have the energy, serve.
  3. Get a little nap to gain energy and get into it.
  4. The accomplishment is more divine that an undone list.
  5. Lazy may seems comfy but it would be kiling me softly.

[1: 1,603 of 10,000] My Compass of Life Now

In Article on September 28, 2015 at 6:32 AM


When you read these words, “Life is very short, so forgive quickly, believe slowly, love truly, laugh loudly and never avoid anything that makes you smile,” what struck you the most? Me, I consider my life’s compass as “Never avoid anything that makes me smile (provided I am not harming anybody including myself), followed by laugh loudly, love truly, forgive quickly, and I have yet to learn believe slowly, because by now, I know that life is super short.

Turning 100 years old may sound so long but it truly isn’t. When I live my life the same way I did yesterday, it might not have that much difference, but if I take each day and create something new, then life becomes exciting. The more I become aware and intentional on what I do, the more conscious my choices would be and appreciate my life alongside other people.

I love smiling and laughing especially if I could feel that they were authentic. I love it when I am curious and learning and then I rejoice with the experience. I am grateful for being able to both smile and laugh even if I don’t understand what’s going on, what is the reason behind the things around me, or whether what other people are thinking. I exult with the fact that I have today to live, to witness the miracles of life, to be connected with another human being, and then I laugh and smile.