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[1: 1,693 of 10,000] The Blogging Commitment

In Journal on March 5, 2016 at 11:31 AM

Look at my daily blogging insight:

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 11.18.04 AM

I have a good 6 months last year from May to October and then I have to make a choice if I am committing to my work who demands that I learn it, get comfortable, and be an expert.  Obviously, my work right now was prioritised but it doesn’t mean I could just totally abandon blogging.

I feel a little sad that I was not able to commit to my daily blogging, it looked crazy (the OCD in me) that there are lots of greys instead of blues. I have to make more effort to be more efficient of my time and make sure that I have better concentration so I can still make a blog everyday. It’s a matter of making good habit. I could not not write because it is what fuels my soul and it feels like it is one of my essential and unique contributions to the world amongts my other personas as an employee, a sister, a friend, a relative, a colleague, and a stranger.

I can do this! 😛

[1: 1,419 of 10,000] Are You Waiting For A Fucking Sign?

In Article on March 21, 2015 at 2:32 AM


Are you like me that waits for a sign? The sarcasm at the title was intentional because it is quite stupid to wait for signs in life! It’s not that I’ve gone depressed and non-believer of magic; I definitely still am but you see I’m a procrastinator. I am the excruciating bad kind of procrastinator, still didn’t sign up for the procrastinator recovery meeting but I should start thinking of putting one or may be later, did you catch that, see what I mean!

I have so many ideas, I have so many dreams, I have so many confusions, and I often wonder when will I get every thing that I ever desire and lust for? The answer is…

  • if I don’t change my patterns (getting our first business in order, contacting suppliers, doing the numbers, and formalising the papers),
  • if I make excuses (I have no enough time, as soon as I finish this then I will start with the important stuffs),
  • if I’d be lazy (I want to sleep some more and think about my heart break over and over),
  • if I don’t speak up (let that toxic out and move on!),
  • if I do not prioritise the important (getting a new job instead of enjoying being a bum for a month, on the verge of 2nd month), well I might as well get stuck with daydreaming.

I like funny feeling, the feel good making assumptions that lead to sometimes disastrous wasting a time. God loves me so much that I get provided just fine, a roof (gives me room to sleep and bath) and food (fills my tummy and let me gain weight). I rely on intuition but I should stop waiting for a freaking fucking sign to appear. Only I can make the signs by moving my ass and creating every day. Creating daily is what will allow me to clear my vision and see the beauty and magic of life now.

So how am I convincing myself that it is different this time? It’s 2ish in the morning, I am not yet sleepy so making a blog while the words are burning inside my heart is a perfect step to feel good that I have created something. Confessing in the blogosphere that I have a chronic problem on procrastination to get mocked and get out of that funk!

I should keep life simple. The sign of true happiness is finding peace inside me, not putting ill judgment on me and others, wishing love and blessings unto me and others, try something new everyday, sharing my creation, and HUSTLE!

Do I want that dream bad enough? I have always known the answer, lift the weight and HUSTLE!